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Tips from Kevin Callan, the Happy Camper, on finding balance on your next camping adventure

This week, I caught up with Kevin Callan, the Happy Camper, and we talked about the notion of happy camping and why we prefer to be comfortable and happy while out in the woods. 1,005 more words


How to Make & Cook Bannock - Out In the Field


A bannock is a small, flat loaf of bread risen by a leavening agent, most often a chemical one, although yeasty bannocks are sometimes baked, as in a sourdough recipe.   640 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

A True History of the Malheur Region

After listening to the Think Out Loud radio interview this morning I had a few thoughts. The interviewee, a member of the militant militia that have taken over a wildlife refuge suggested that the federal government had not bought the land from the state so it has no rights to the land. 1,183 more words

Police Investigate Deadly Shooting, Gather Evidence

DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver investigated a shooting that left one person dead, one person in critical condition, and two others injured on Saturday. 251 more words


To bannock, or not to bannock, is not the question. It's about: how to make bannock better!

Is it possible to make bannock healthier? So you can enjoy traditional fry bread, without compromising your health? (All yummy treats in moderation, right?)

Check out this great video from Coast Salish physician, … 15 more words


I Have a Little Bit of Bragging

On Monday I decided I wanted to cook up the moose muscle I had sitting in my freezer ( I suppose technically I decided on Sunday ). 186 more words


Food truck festival 

this past weekend was a food truck festival. I was getting pretty huffy as mom said I couldn’t come 😔 Not fair! I always get left out of the good things. 82 more words