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Dolly Sods North - Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

In the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, lies the Monongahela National Forest. The Dolly Sods (open mountain top meadow) Wilderness occupies a small portion of this area. 1,184 more words


Bannock: A Huge Goddamn Headache

A little while ago I wrote about autistic accessibility, and some of the factors that contribute toward my finding a space easier or harder to navigate. 1,446 more words

The Yarn Will Go Where Your Heart Takes It

A year ago — or maybe it was two years… I can’t remember — I took a day trip to an event for my husband’s work. 765 more words


Bannock on a Stick

I just finished writing out this simple bannock recipe for a friend at thefanhitch.org.  Bannock is a blanket term for simple, often unleavened, bread.  It can be cooked in a dutch oven, over a fire in a fry pan, in a modern oven, tossed directly into a hot bed of coals, or in this case, wrapped like a playdough snake around a stick and baked over an open fire. 712 more words


Native Delights; Brand New Restaurant Aboriginal Cuisine

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a man with a dream… A dream to make Bannock, not war! Fast forward to three years into the future, and this young man is well on the way with the opening of his new restaurant. 547 more words

Casual Dining

To Build a Fire

One of the pleasures of my life is to build a fire. The most badass of all for me is a good bonfire. I appreciate the brush that is layered up over a year or two to create a pile much taller than I. 554 more words


Inuit Fried Bannock

I must apologize for not being around lately. As I mentioned a while back, I re-injured my knee and had to get surgery. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very diligent with doing my post-op exercises and now I need physiotherapy :( I still haven’t been cooking much. 235 more words