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Pumpkin Bannocks - Bannocks à la Citrouille

(le français suit)

For those of you who don’t know, I spent nearly a decade living in the UK. My favorite place, despite the rain, definitely was (and still is) Scotland and its lush sceneries… I also picked up quite a few delicious recipes from there, which I have adapted to the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle while making sure they retained what made them so special to begin with. 565 more words


Bannock, Toronto

Bannock describes its cuisine as ‘Canadian Comfort Food’, and as a lover of any kind of comfort food, I had to check it out. Accompanied by my dairy-free boyfriend (yes, we are the worst dinner guests ever), we arrived at the restaurant on Saturday night. 245 more words


Playing Dress Up

I took these photos in Bannack Ghost Town, Montana.


Delicious Eats for Your Canada 150

Canada Day is coming up fast, and we want to be equipped with some old school recipes with a fresh twist. We hope you’ll like the contenders that we’ve assembled for you: 152 more words

KT News

The great bannock bake-off

On National Indigenous Day—the first to be a statutory holiday in the Yukon—there was a bannock bake-off in a tent behind the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre. 32 more words


Bannock on the Grill

Bannock is awesome. I grew up eating bannock, (as well as many other unsavoury and very unawesome things that we won’t mention here – can you say, ‘sitting at the dinner table until well after your bedtime because you just. 336 more words


Bannock – Toronto (Canada)

Bannock is one of the unique and innovative restaurants in the Oliver & Bonacini portfolio, renowned in Canada and especially Ontario. The creation of Peter Oliver and Michael Bonacini, Bannock is a Canadian comfort food restaurant and café enviably located in Hudson’s Bay flagship store in downtown Toronto. 586 more words