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Glutenfri Banoffeekladdkaka

En underbar drömkaka för alla gottegrisar därute som gillar banan, grädde och dajm. Blev otroligt uppskattad när jag bjöd på denna skapelse till fredagsfikat på jobbet. 171 more words


Banoffee Pie

Beautifully hand-rolled shortcrust pastry encasing a good amount of toffee, sliced bananas and slightly sweetened whipped cream.

Fresh Fruits

Banoffee Pie De-constructed


Sliced bananas, Caramel, Toffee pieces, Digestive biscuit crust, Banana Cinnamon Purée.


Banoffee cake!

Now if you don’t know what ‘Banoffee’ is then let me enlighten you, banoffee pie was an english recipe created in a little town not far from where I live, and it consists of a sweet pastry, sliced bananas a layer of caramel or soft toffee and a big mountain of whipped cream. 358 more words


Send off

It was such a rich time of worship at church this morning, led by dear friends and I was so glad that I decided to squeeze in “church” before my trip to Dublin and on to Hungary. 52 more words


Day: Can you O.D on pud?

This weekend has been a BAD weekend for puddings. You’ve heard all about my banoffee predicament, but it doesn’t stop there.

Despite making it to the gym this morning – a guilty reaction to a very yummy curry I had last night – and after hoovering up half of my own tray of the banana delight, I decided to do the charitable thing and donate the remainder of the sweet treat to Sister Snacks’ – she’d just got back from a Hen Weekend, and after a couple of days away from my three nephs, figured she’d need it!   110 more words


Made a tray of banoffee last night for a BBQ that, because of this god awful weather, is no longer happening.

Now I am living in a dieters nightmare (or dream depending on how you look at it), which means the luscious layers of chocolate hobnob biscuit, caramel, banana, cream and raspberry tops, are up for grabs.

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