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Κυριακή.. ραντεβού στο Kitchen Lab

Ένας χώρος απλός, αλλά ξεχωριστός. Μοντέρνος και παραδοσιακός. Μα πάνω απ’ όλα, όμως, ζεστός και φιλικός-ιδανικός για κάθε στιγμή της ημέρας.

Σε αυτόν το χώρο μπορείτε να βουλιάξετε στους καναπέδες, να βάλετε σε mute το κινητό σας και να απολαύσετε  10 more words

Say Greece


The clean eating revolution. Something I have learned to dread, as it engulfs the world around me. Green is good. Oils are bad. Flowery is great. 42 more words



Dr. Sarah O’Sullivan! 🎉🔬👏🏼

A massive congratulations Sarah! 💖

Hope you enjoyed the Banoffee Pie! 11 more words


What you need


Banoffee Chickpea Cake

My next creation is a Banoffee Chickpea cake. As I was using a banana, I left out the usual 100g of yogurt that I usually add. 320 more words


Banoffee Pie

Banoffe pie is an english dessert made from fresh bananas, cream and toffee sauce, also known as dulce de leche. ( banana + toffee = banoffee duh!). 214 more words