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Banoffee Cheesecake Attempt #3

In the words of the lovely couple that are getting married: GREAT SUCCESS!    418 more words


Banoffee Cheesecake Attempt #2

This follows my first attempt at combining cheesecake and banoffee pie into one delicious dessert fit for a wedding cake! What with the wedding looming ever nearer, it was about time I had another go. 550 more words


Super quick banoffee cheesecake dessert 

Sometimes you just get the urge to whip out a quick crowd pleaser on a Sunday and today was one of those days! This pud is super quick and super easy to do with just a few ingredients. 243 more words

Perfect Day

  11th April: the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and people were rejoicing. It was the first real Spring day NYC experienced this year and it was the perfect day for a New Yorker’s favourite weekend activity: BRUNCH. 218 more words



You know how there’s no such thing as too much support for local acts? Well these two Melbourne locals are well deserving of your support. After dropping critically acclaimed EP’s last year “ 269 more words


Banoffee Muffins

Still struggling from not eating chocolate and despite my sister’s best efforts to make me make something chocolatey I resisted! Had a hankering today for something sweet (nothing different there then!) and thought of making these muffins. 194 more words

Welsh cakes, physalis, banoffee and more food notes from overseas

Ah, St. Patrick gets all the love in March, but there’s another UK saint who deserves remembering, and that’s St. David. His feast day is March 1 (oops), and among other things, he’s known for urging his flock to “do ye the little things in life.” Not a bad sentiment. 941 more words