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Life is short. Eat dessert first!

I am giving anything healthy a complete miss with this post…..so if you are looking for a salady type recipe…I suggest you move on :-D… 1,089 more words


Banoffee Cupcakes

Makes Around 12, depending on case size



2 Large eggs

135g Caster Sugar approx.

135g Butter (at Room Temp) approx.

135g Self Raising Flour… 256 more words


Banoffee Pie

Biscuit.. Cream.. Toffee.. Bananas (to make it ‘healthier’ ahahaha!).. What is not to like?

This classic English pie is something I’ve been whipping up for years. 737 more words


Delicioso Banoffee Pie

Google the word Banoffee and you will see words like irresistible and delicious or phrases like ‘best dessert in the world’. Banoffee, like the name, is an amalgamation of bananas and toffee into one heck of a dessert ,and unless you hate either bananas or toffee or are just plain insane, I dare you not to love this. 384 more words

Cool Stuff

Banoffee Macarons

So… This weekend I wanted to do something a little bit fancier. What better than making French Macarons for the first time?

I attempted to make Banoffee Macarons topped with cacao nibs – I guess macarons are quite popular at the moment?  252 more words


There's soul in trash, or 'Why banoffee will cause you as many problems as it solves.'

Let’s face it. We all love a little bit of trash. Whether that’s consuming four fun size milky-way bars and an amusing miniature assortment of liqueurs and then feeling sick about it, or watching some kind of bodily function based Channel 4 TV masterpiece, there’s something about car crash awfulness that has its own delightful appeal. 562 more words


Valentines day & buttery banoffee pancakes

Valentines Day and Pancake day. This year two of my favourite days fall within the same week, which basically means I put on about half a stone within a few days. 595 more words