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요즘 본 미드들.

항상 즐겨보는 Criminal Minds, NCIS LA 가 지금 다음시즌 준비중이라
백수의 본분에 충실하기 위하여 볼만한 미드를 검색했는데, 그동안 참 많이도 본건지
웬만한건 다 봐서 짜내고 짜내서 최근 미드를 몇 편 보았다. 15 more words


Conarght of the Gold - Part 9 - The Confession

We were back in the cellar staring at each other. I was gobsmacked at the images that I’d seen. Conarght was pacing again.

“Where are they?” I asked him. 394 more words


The Song of the Slain: Chapter One

The scream, shrill, resonated to her ears with the force of a thunderbolt. Goosebumps travelled across her skin. The muscles flexed with terror. Her hands brutally tensed up, grabbed in their grip the linen tissue stuck to her face. 2,566 more words


The Troubles with Bronx Stories: "The Hound of Ulster"

“There’s no heroes anymore. Only villains. And they’ve got us all beat.” Rory Dugan

Written by: Michael Reaves, Diane Duane, Peter Morwood

Original Air Date: … 2,348 more words


Conarght of the Gold - Part 5 - Banish the Devils

“The Fomarians were no match for the faerie folk who banished the lot of them whence they came. They forced them back home and how the world settled down. 429 more words


Conarght of the Gold - Part 2 - The lay of the land

I walked to Erith’s house, down the little allies and avenues of this little fairy kingdom. I changed my form to my original fairy size so I could walk. 993 more words