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The Banshee

As we move into the darkest months of the year, it seems fitting to visit a spectre as ancient as life itself – the Banshee. A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. 943 more words


What is a B&M Rattle?

So, I’ve only ridden 2 B&M coasters (Banshee and Diamondback) and I have heard that both rides have this thing called a rattle, and they’re mainly only noticeable on B&M coasters. 312 more words

Amusement Park

Divine Gift - Episode 1

In Irish folklore it is said that the only way that mortals could go into the outer realm of the wee people was through invitation or magic. 531 more words


Monday's Mutant of the day is the Banshee

Banshee, Sean Cassidy, was not an original member of the X-Men as depicted in the movie; X-Men: First Class. Instead he led a far more intriguing and interesting life. 581 more words

Comic Books

Song of the Banshee

The screaming banshee howled through the night.
We cowered in the shadows to hide from the fright.
She rages on, for death she sees.
We hold our breath, close our eyes, and freeze. 27 more words

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Bronte's Birth - Episode 4

Like a falcon snatching its prey the banshee tore the cord from the woman and held the child in its tightened grip. Into the shadow land she fled like a reaper for the dead she was, and proclaimed her destiny of death. 87 more words


Bronte's Birth - Episode 3

It was now the season to reap and as the smoke billowed out from the top of the hut, the woman struggled to compose the panic in her heart and loins. 468 more words