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Santigold Employs Shadow Puppets In 'Banshee' Video

Santigold released a strong record earlier this year in 99¢, but it’s the visual output related to the album that has been really impressive. In addition to some… 240 more words


Curse of the village - part 6

“He can’t break through Rory!” Margyle voiced echoed. Rory had fumbled to the ground perspiring, a hand gripping his torch like death. It was covered in fluid from the giant eye. 1,010 more words


The Banshee and the Mermaid

I know a banshee. Her name is Sybil. She is her own separate entity but she maintains an elaborate residence in my body. She’s lived there since I was a child, twining herself through my soul, feeding on my essence. 1,163 more words

Single Mom


We next turn our attention to the old Fiero. This car has an almost cult-like following. Although it’s possible to make this car look good with after market parts, it came from the factory, most of the time, looking like an oversized door stop – a giant wedge with unremarkable lines. 505 more words


A ghost haunts Kings Island: Part 25 of our Inverted Coaster Series

In 2014, Kings Island (Mason, OH) finally installed their B&M Inverted Coaster.  How they finally got theirs is a long story as their first hanging roller coaster was the Bat, previewing in October 1980 to the press and premiering to the public in 1981.  1,910 more words


Monster 50


The Banshee may not be the first monster you think of when forming a list of the best, but there is no denying she is a fearsome and often ominous creature. 188 more words