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In the not so still of the night

What the hell was that?!!

That was my first thought of the day upon waking.  It wouldn’t have been my first thought had it not woken me.   273 more words


YA Nibbles Part 3

Yes, my friends and I were this corny, and it was nice.

Banshee is a combination of wish fulfillment of what I wanted while binging on several Urban Fantasy series over the years and a thank you to the bounty of strong female friends who surrounded me as a teen. 116 more words

Swamp Creatures

Like a wendigo

You ripped out

my heart

And swallowed it

You ripped out my eyes

And I can’t see the beauty

I once saw in you… 73 more words

Female Ghosts near water

Female ghosts near water are most intriguing.  They spend their time hunting passers-by.  They are not safe ghosts to messed with, they are malicious.

Many cultures have ghosts.  985 more words


Three things to do over Christmas that'll freak out your family

I recently watched the last ever episode of Banshee. For those who haven’t seen it, WHY NOT? I challenge you to watch the first episode and not be hooked by the time ten minutes is up. 1,292 more words