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The Day Everyone Heard The Banshee (Irish trilogy part 2)

The Irish love of a good yarn, one embued with equal amounts of mystery and magic (with a little fear thrown in for good measure), is a dying art. 469 more words

Basia J Wolf

No Flying for the Wicked

Norene bounded down the stairs so quickly that she was already waiting in the open doorway leading outside by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs. 514 more words

Kiley Levinson

Yokosuka Banshee

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Crying girl sound

Outro Music ► Derek and Brandon Fiechter


►All rights belong to their respective owners. 74 more words

In-ter-net & I-rish

Photograph of me and one of my childhood kitties, Puma, when I was a teenager.


The Internet either induces or wipes out
all the negative energy of a 417Hz banshee… 214 more words

Shedding Identities

A Very Frustrating Person


I jumped, grabbing for the railing to prevent myself from tumbling down the stairs. Norene was standing right behind me. Right behind me. “Don’t do that!” 511 more words

Kiley Levinson

Silver Tower Part 1 - Grot Scuttlings, Necromancer & Banshee

After dutifully assembling all of the Silver Tower contents they have languished by my ‘must paint eventually’ pile since May 2016. Army projects have pushed back doing anything with them and then I haven’t psyched myself up to deciphering exactly how the game works. 149 more words


Lady with a Plan

It took a long time to admit this, but basically, most of the editing I do during winter ain’t worth a damn.

It’s frustrating to realize this after how much I went through to get work done when I was in so much pain, but it’s best if I just accept my limitations before repeating the same bullshit. 148 more words