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What's the Kitchen For?

Norene led the way into the house, holding the door open for me. By instinct, I went to take my shoes off in the entryway, then paused when I realised Norene had already continued on, feet still shod. 510 more words

Kiley Levinson

Lia ag Caint, Banshee of House McKinley

While Lia is not so powerful a banshee as Aibell, acting as harbinger to a murdered president has given her a connection to the new world and a measure of durability that equaled only by the banshee serving the royal lines of the… 379 more words

In Nomine

The Connection Between Fairies and the Dead

Today marks the return of guest columnist Richard H. Fay, a man who exemplifies the polymath spirit of Classically Educated by being an artist, a poet and also, as he proves below and in… 1,350 more words

What to Do With a Garden

If for some reason I had thought Norene would live somewhere at least close to my standards for decent living accommodations (which, of course, I had), I was very much wrong. 459 more words

Kiley Levinson

The Midgaheim Bestiary: The Fair Folk Overview

Fairies and Fairyland

While a vast variety of magical creatures inhabit the continent of Midgaheim, the strangest and most magical of all are the Fair Folk.  2,061 more words

Monster Menageries

Banshees Or Warning Spirits

I have always been fascinated by the mythological creature called the Banshee, which is usually an omen of death and or misfortune. I always believed it was original to Ireland but I recently came across a book that details Banshee encounters in other parts of the world. 944 more words

Banshee - Cheshire Moon

The only thing certain in each life is death
As sure as each heartbeat and every last breath
The cry of the Banshee each soul must heed…

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