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100 Issues of Deadpool: Mark Waid's Deadpool

It’s great getting to see a master at work and while this is definitely not Mark Waid’s strongest series, it is a serious work of comic book universe craftsmanship. 279 more words


Teen Wolf ... I've been sitting on this

Teen Wolf… what can I say? I started this programme way back when it started and I LOVED it!

I don’t like scary stuff most of the time but this was right up my alley (I can be so British sometimes… unless… do Americans say this too?). 982 more words


Can Sam and Dean possibly beat Lucifer and Amara.

Lucifer is a very powerful archangel. He started the apocalypse, bounded death, killed Gabriel, killed Castiel with a flick of his hand, easily overpowered Crowley, and killed many demons. 328 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

sketchdump 1

A bunch of recent OC scribbles (representative of my sketchbook at any given time). This lovely post was the inspiration for me to draw one of my banshee OCs! 58 more words

'Banshee: The Complete Third Season'; Arrives on Blu-ray & DVD April 5, 2016 From Cinemax & HBO

HBO Home Entertainment has now officially announced the Blu-ray & DVD releases for the penultimate season of the Cinemax Original Series, ‘Banshee: The Complete Third Season’ will arrive home on April 5, 2016. 503 more words


Invitation Only

When they come knocking,
I take them by the hand that had been a fist moments before
and show them something beautiful—
						a black creek in the woods,
						a doe’s skull in the field. 65 more words