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Obey the Lich

When Norene and I arrived at the Distribution Office, I was surprised to see a line of people extending all the way out past the gates. 471 more words

Kiley Levinson

5 Famous Blockade Runners

Famous is a relative term. Someone who is famous in his hometown might be unknown in the next state. Choosing just five blockade runners to discuss today was a challenge. 568 more words

American Civil War

'Aleph to Taf' and other poems by Emma McKervey

Aleph to Taf

The magpie uses a rudder to steer by.
I watch the long feathers of its tail
turn according to its needs.
The women here swear they see them singly… 945 more words

25 Pins In A Packet Women Creators

Creature Club Episode 8 - Banshee

Our first ‘B’ episode! This week, we talk about the Banshee just in time for…Christmas, I guess. Tim gives us a history lesson, and then we come up with some ideas for how to use banshees as villains. 16 more words


Dead Politics

Norene was uncharacteristically quiet as she led the way to the Distribution Office. The sun had gone down, and now that I knew what to look for, I could see that it was the moon in the sky, not the sun. 506 more words

Kiley Levinson

Scream Demands of a Banshee

“So people just don’t go out in the daytime? I mean, I can see why vampires and zombies wouldn’t want to, but banshees are alive. So if you don’t go out when the sun’s up, aren’t you horribly vitamin D deficient?” I examined Norene. 489 more words

Kiley Levinson