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M12: "Into the Light" cover

An attempt at interpreting Siouxsie & the Banshees’s “Into the Light”:

1. Musical Monday

The Devil and The Badger (Part III)

Re-financed, “The Badger” now began to show-off his new wealth, but he kept doing just a little work in the workshop to hide the new source of his income. 2,432 more words

First Draft

Seamus's Cow (Part II)

That night they discussed and they argued about the disappearance of the cow. Seamus related the scene of revelry among the little people, but his mother remained sceptical about her son’s apparitions. 1,354 more words

First Draft

Seamus' Cow (Part I)

Hidden in a narrow valley among tall mountains sits a small body of dark water known locally as the “The Healing Lough”. It is not a pretty lake, nor is it set in a particularly scenic area of the mountains. 1,146 more words

First Draft

10 éxitos de los 80 para tu fiesta (que no son de Universal Stereo)

Por: Mario Valencia

¡Así es amigos! Por más que aprecio la mentada estación de radio que menciono en el título, ha sumergido al público en cierta idea de los 80’s: todos son one hit wonders, Madonna o Michael Jackson…Y tal vez sea cierto, pero hace falta más variedad a su repertorio. 642 more words


The Witch of Glenshee (Part II)

Joe’s breathing became shallower as the time passed and as the situation became worse Martin was sent to a neighbour’s house where he could use the phone to contact the doctor again. 1,660 more words

First Draft

The Witch of Glenshee (Part I)

The Reverend Father Quinn was the Parish Priest of Glenshee and was well regarded by all as being a pious man. Every morning, whatever the weather, he could be seen in the Church grounds with his breviary saying the morning office before he celebrated Mass. 1,400 more words

First Draft