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That Awful, Thrilling Terror


By Rachel Lianna Holland, October 27, 2016

Word Count: 649

Rating: PG for frightening and disturbing elements

Summary: A girl foolishly wanders into a ruined tower, haunted by a deadly curse. 656 more words

Short Stories

Banshee Rookery - Pandora

Located in the new Pandora area of Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World

Brief view of the Banshee Rookery where you can purchase your very own Banshee.


#837 The Legend of the Irish Castle created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Legend of the Irish Castle created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Aldens are in Ireland, in a castle, no less, because Grandfather is loaded as all get out. 297 more words


The Eyes Have It

“All my men! Here now! All-l-l my men!”

The cry would ring out across the schoolyard, almost every recess or lunch-break, and hordes of eight-, nine-, and ten-year-old boys would scamper to a grove of elm trees adjacent to the playground. 724 more words


Of Luck and Lore

Last time, I brought you along for the ghost hunt on my first trip to Ireland.   There are more stories where that came from!  My Irish cousins shared a wealth of information about my great-grandfather, Michael Patrick—who emigrated from Ireland in 1914—and his siblings.  690 more words

'Irish Superstitions'

It can definitely be argued that superstitions are intrinsically tied in with traditional folklore, and with a culture as steeped in customs and fables as Ireland’s, it’s no surprise that there are more than a handful of superstitions unique to the country and its people. 719 more words


Week 1 - TBT 2017 - Spellbound

Dee has been doing a Throwback Thursday (#tbt) post for quite some time, so I thought I’d try to do the same for 2017. Think I can do better than my attempts at an… 76 more words