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Dear Sor Juana,

A good night’s sleep is a blessing, coming as it does in the form of closed lids relaxed against the eye, body limp, heart beating to the rhythm of rest, the Goldilocks room temperature a lullaby to the senses. 277 more words

Halloween Gifts for the Supernatural Creatures in your Life: Part 2

How many times have you asked yourself, what do I get for the mystical being that has everything? Some days you may question why you bother to be friends with monsters who merely growl at your attempts to get them the perfect gift. 620 more words


Don't miss the chills, the thrills!

Tomorrow book 3 – Revenant goes on sale! Don’t miss the chills, the thrills! The spooky moments that make you think twice about looking into that dark corner. 30 more words

Secondhand Souls (Recommended) Sequel to A Dirty Job

Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore

Freaky hi-jinks. Hilarious dialogue. Colorful characters are unique, supernatural, super-fun.

Note – Author has apologized for typos/errors in 1st edition. Ignore them and enjoy.

The Bridge (II)

Tommy’s pace slowed as the beginning of the bridge got closer. There was a definite sense of fear that had begun to creep up on the man, but he could not quite put his finger on what was the cause of his fear. 1,917 more words


The Bridge

Autumn was definitely gone and the first real chills of winter had put a white covering of frost over the ground. It had been a bright day, but there was no heat from the weak sun, and the chill remained in the air. 1,607 more words


just a dream...

now clearly silence
will seal this tomb
whether sun
or darkest gloom
all some see
with blinded eyes
black, black, black
in their disguise
weeping widows… 38 more words