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How Nice Is Too Nice?

I’m probably top 2 nicest people you’ll ever meet and I’m not number two. For some people, they imagine that being extra nice is the best manner of approach. 495 more words


2019-2020 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 7-11-2019 to 7-17-2019

This week, just like the Senate updates, had the expected candidates who were thought to run for Governor announce their intentions. What also happened this week was Hurricane Barry, so take care and be safe in the middle of the storm if you are dealing with it in any way. 504 more words


The House Always Wins, 7-11-2019 to 7-17-2019

While a lot of drama has come to and from the House of Representatives, the actual talk about control of the chamber after 2020 has been a distant secondary concern. 679 more words


2020 Senatorial Election Predictions, 7-11-2019 to 7-17-2019

This week saw the introduction of serious candidates into races that were either stagnant or underdeveloped, now moving the map closer to realization. There were also a few surprises with who’s out of consideration, opening the gates for prospective candidates to forge ahead with their campaigns. 689 more words


The Dreamers Dream

I hardly dream, but when I do, it usually features the mundane to the downright ridiculous. Experts say that dreams are a series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. 550 more words


Absolute Truths

1) You can never have just one glass of wine.

2) There is no such thing as too much cheese cake.

3) Baby Boomers are entitled. 266 more words

My Late Night Reaction to Romanian Banter (Slightly Buzzed Edition)

The Russian Reaction: lol of course the romanian takes a jab at the russians. stealing isn’t russian culture. its gypsy culture vee. and soviet culture is actually german. 126 more words