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Something that's always been on my mind but never vented aloud

I’ll begin this post with a couple of words that make my skin crawl when heard “lads” “banter” and “alpha male” tho the third phrase Alpha male is not something I hear but more a persona I witness men pretend to be a lot of the time, I personally find it strange how no matter where I go there is an encounter of a so called alpha male that clearly deals with high insecurities where it is walking in front of there mates or the one getting the rest of the group of friends to pick on one of the other members I myself do not tolerate this behaviour, I recently had a giggle on the fact of how my close friends and myself end up being outcasts as you may say due to this stigma of being “lads” a good example of this is having a guy come up to us and brag about “shagging” a really hot girl the night before and showing her how pretty she was for all of us to not reply and one of us tend to ask what she did for a living or what her name one was for then one male in this genre to not know anything and look blank this leading to us then be branded as people not to talk to why? 49 more words

A story about spitting...

FACT: Some imbeciles still choose to spit on the toilet floor even when the throne (aka toilet bowl) is right next to them.

I can’t understand such behaviour.

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After living in a Polish city where few spoke English, being back in the U.S. was a welcome change; chatting with the stranger next to you was seemingly mandatory. 199 more words

Caprichia's Website Turnover

Hey blog readers!

I know I’ve been away for a long time (apologies, I know you miss me all dearly..) but I had been away travelling for seven months now (whoa dude, whuuut?) and I have two special announcements to make. 184 more words

Why I love to Talk

When I was much younger I used to talk and talk and talk. It was probably why I would get called ‘chatty’ or ‘bubbly’ by most of the adults I spoke with. 667 more words

How to be the worst date ever!!!

Now this I am sure is something you never want too try to be, but some people use this as their natural method of dating, spending their time getting lots from the guys and giving little in return. 1,281 more words