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The Library & The Case of The Stroking Elbow.

A harried, subjective treatise on The Library. More for catharsis than seeking to allot any substantial contribution to the discourse.

I shake my head. It was never going to work. 1,170 more words

(Big) Small Talk

The Thing About Words

I’ve always loved words – reading has always been a grand passion of mine, bordering on an obsession, really. I don’t feel comfortable without a book on the go, and I always read a few pages or chapters tucked up in bed before I go to sleep. 963 more words


Burning Castles, Flying Mountains

Where do mountains fly to? And why do castles end up being burned? Questions which no one asks and no one has any answers of. Why do we build up so many questions inside our thick walls of reasons? 566 more words

Dear Diary

The Golden Rule

It may seem like a lesson that doesn’t make any sense, but it did to me. Even at the time, I knew right away what my father meant about saying “don’t love anything.” It wasn’t a ploy to get me to be a miserable anal-retentive human being. 349 more words


I've called writing my true passion for years and just realized I'm a liar

A couple weeks ago I received an email from an old friend with the subject line of “I am emailing you from the cafe in Vienna from Before Sunrise.” While among my favorite films of all time, I hadn’t watched it for years but getting pictures from the cafe (and getting jealous of my friend) I sat down to revisit the meeting of Jesse and Celine. 457 more words


Annual Presentation Night 2015

Some snaps from the Halloween themed night!

Club person of the year: Tony & Julie

Spirit of Maggie: Jan

Paddlers of the year: Linda, Tony, Victoria, Min… 11 more words


What is Man talk?

It occurred to me the other day, whilst having a particularly weird conversation with a friend of mine about what it would be like to befriend a bear and use it to ride into battle, that blokes talk about some really crazy shit. 451 more words