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We've made it this far

“American Gothic” Grant Wood

Is it the same for every couple who moulder on for years? Our banter has grown more toxic.  And yet, there is  an endearing sweetness which brings a reluctant smirk. 164 more words


How to be a successful Villain

Bit of a strange title isn’t it… You may be wondering if I have a secret recipe of how to become a successful Villain, I don’t. 453 more words

221B Banter Street

The Sixth Sense

Howdy guys!

How’s it going?What is the bleedin’ craic? I am in good form today. As should you. It is a blisteringly hot day here in Ireland.  543 more words


The Fifth Endeavour - My Desktop #BEAST

Welcome one and all to another semi excellent post!!

What’s the craic?  Sure jaysus I’m tipping on well, still alive sure!

Today I am doing another… 530 more words


9. Another Brick in the Wall

Over these past two weeks I have been gradually gaining traction on completing numerous tasks that I laid before me at the start of the month. 962 more words


Christmas came and went and it has been a week shy of a month since term restarted. No one was without a little anxiety for the impending workload however as with the end of any holiday there is also an ounce of excitement lurking within since, after all, we do all enjoy studying a little bit. 1,060 more words


Don't take life too seriously

Don’t take life to seriously!

lol that is all.

Sezza P :)