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Another memory

I sat in my backyard. Eyes grazing the life outside the four walls of my home . The ‘tulsi ‘ leaves burst into a dance ,coconut tree swung her locks , all other trees joined in the flash mob to the tune of wind . 213 more words


Summoning the Grime Grinch

Arriving in spring I wasn’t really prepared for how pleasant it was actually going to be here. The sun had been out basically everyday making me glad I had packed a whole lot of op shop Ralph instead of a full Sad Boys North Face wardrobe. 353 more words


HELP Support Samuel <3

Thanks to amazing, generous authors and publishers we have over 70 BOOKS on sale this weekend to help fundraise for Samuel Thorne.

Please take the time to read about Samuel and why he needs our help and support.

1,149 more words

Banter: Director Garry Marshall is Hilarious

And whoever does the posters for his films:

I mean I am all for consistency, but just having rows and columns of famous people as your posters, over and over again? 74 more words


Mini-Review Round-Up: JimmyJane Intro 1 & other gentle vibes that rock

It’s true that a lot of sex bloggers’ clitorises like rumble and power, but I wanted to give my $0.02 from the other side: reasons why more power isn’t necessarily better, and recommendations for others who are built like me.  889 more words


Bullying/Banter - Just Evil behind another name

There is a challenge doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment, now these challenges are not something I normally get involved in however this one was about Bullying! 1,175 more words

Some Light Relief

You're Going To Be Alright

Hi,hope y’all are fine on this 23rd day of May.

The other day i stumbled upon this open letter on the interwebs. To some degree every girl can relate to this. 917 more words