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I hope with every drop of Love in my heart that this is the last time I’d write with a heavy heart. Took me several days to put thoughts to words because I had to be sure I was well on my way out of the illusion that one more push would tilt the dominoes in my favour. 487 more words



Before I discovered bartending, my past was riddled with misdirection and indecision.  A few years ago I spent a fair amount of time hovering in a purgatory of post-collegiate stress, constantly convincing myself that I would one day find the motivation to pursue that desk job that a four year degree would merit.  1,564 more words


Trump's Tax Plan Is Deadly, But Black Folks Ain't Scared

I haven’t taken much interest, lately, in our country’s political landscape. This is, in part, because much of the conversation surrounding the cultural shift reflected by Trump’s presidency is comprised of sadness over our country’s fall from greatness—although, I question whether the U.S. 1,110 more words


Castle of lost war

That evening something went through his head,

a banter shared by another faceless friend.

A band of colours soaked in laughter,

painted the empty canvas walls which are mulled into the void. 148 more words

Inside Mind

What You Need To Know About The GOP Senate Tax Bill

On Monday morning many are getting their first close look at the nearly 500-page sweeping tax bill, which has far reaching implications for large corporations and families, that Senate Republicans pushed through early Saturday morning on a party line vote of 51-49. 316 more words


Pro Gears Of War Players Put On A Taunting Clinic

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

A top-level Gears Of War player should exhibit certain attributes: accuracy, dexterity, quick thinking, and communication. At this weekend’s Dallas Open, several teams showed it’s also beneficial to be skilled at trash talk. 121 more words



It’s a question of restraint this morning.

How much banter is too much in a Cozy Mystery?

The back-and-forth ‘sparring’ between major characters is a hallmark of my Romance novels. 50 more words