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The Truth

I’m in a dark hole. Serious question marks over how I got here in the first place but I’m doing my best not to overthink it. 643 more words



-She’s my favorite though.


-Because she will eat fries off my plate whereas everyone else will not.


-No one else will because they aren’t comfortable enough to share the same space. 30 more words


Make It Make Sense

There are things we’ve seemingly normalized in today’s society and we need to address a few of them because, why not? “The best things in life are free” 468 more words


2019-2020 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 8-8-2019 to 8-14-2019

With the 2019 gubernatorial cycle about to be complete in form following the Mississippi run-off and the anticipated Louisiana jungle primary and runoff, the 2020 races seem like a distant concern far off in the distance. 1,011 more words


Democratic Primary Banter #3, Jay Inslee's Choice

To start the conversation over Jay Inslee’s presidential bid, let’s start with a political opinion that makes reasonable sense: Governors make better Presidents. Naturally, a statewide executive is going to handle a federal executive position better than a legislator trying to switch branches of government. 1,107 more words


Democratic Primary Banter #2, Mike Gravel's Success

Out of all of the Democratic candidates, Mike Gravel’s campaign seemed the most interesting by description alone. Gravel had made clear his intentions of pushing the Democratic Party leftwards in the debates, and they certainly followed that trend. 777 more words


Democratic Primary Banter #4, Bill de Blasio's Appearance On Hannity

To say that there are various ideological differences between Fox News host Sean Hannity and presidential candidate Bill de Blasio would be to drastically undercut that divide. 1,462 more words