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By Rod Szasz

“If the majority of American soldiers find it impossible to attain any other relation to death than that of rejection or negation, we should not hastily conclude that a positive or acceptive relation is evidence of an unnatural or deviant mentality. 3,625 more words

Moving On

“As you all know,”
Said the big ones
“They’re selling the house,
And we’re making a list,
Of things you might want to keep.”
We looked at each other, 343 more words


Banzai-Suicides for the Emperor

How do you fight an enemy that is not afraid to kill themselves?

In the air they had the Kamikaze pilots on the ground they had troops carrying out Banzai charges, how can you fight an enemy that has absolutely no regard for life? 729 more words


Oahu, Hawaii: Day 3 – Koko crater train trail

Have you woken up after a good work out at the gym the previous day and you practically couldn’t move your body?  Well, this is what Steph and I felt when we woke up that morning.  610 more words


Vancouver: Where to eat part 1

Most of these restaurants were actually recommended by my brother and most were around Richmond area so we would either walk to the restaurant or my brother would rent a car and drive us there. 425 more words


Snippets of Peace

When I’m in a bad place I’ll take any sensory overload I can control. I’ll listen to music loud enough to block out the outside and most of my thoughts. 286 more words