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How to build and host the Battle Banzai Game

While walking around in Habbo, you might have noticed a load of rooms with names like ‘Banzai’ or ‘Banzai Booster’. The original game these rooms are based on is called ‘Battle Banzai’. 839 more words

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Banzai / Bonsai

December 7, 1941, was the “date that will live in infamy,” as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt put it. On that date, 74 years ago today, aircraft of the Empire of Japan, flying off six aircraft carriers, conducted a surprise attack on the American naval base and surrounding military installations at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawai’i, then an American Territory. 602 more words


Adios Madrid! I'll miss you and your great restaurants!

I have recently left Madrid for the beaches of Barcelona but before I delve into the culinary delights of Catalonia, I’d like to quickly look back at some of my… 644 more words


imabookworm -> Banzaï

Hi it’s imab00kworm, or I was…

I decided that seeing as I’m starting a new part of my life I might as well finally change my wordpress username, partly because I’ve never liked “imab00kworm” that much and I’ve wanted to change it for a while (because it couldn’t compare to a name like DragonSpark), the other reason I’m doing this now is because I finally have a good name to use: during my integration (some call it “freshers week”) I was baptised “Charge Banzaï”. 191 more words


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There has been an ongoing discussion about what you can and can’t complain about nowadays — it’s a shift in our minds from being in a post-disaster state. 366 more words