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Sadly Blue

I was hurt. I couldn’t not be, I kept thinking of the way she’d stared at me terrified before running away. I hadn’t thought she would run from me. 207 more words


The Things that Happen in Caves

Part 13 of Epic Co-written Story

“Welcome, to my humble abode.”

Each word was weighed and took its own space, each buying a little more time for the elf with the sharp eyes to look around and analyse every detail he could. 1,018 more words


Ronin: Banzai

This next juice that I’ve chosen to review is a first for me. I have never tried a juice that claims to be a fruity minty one….perhaps it’s because they have never crossed my mind before, or I haven’t found them appealing. 376 more words

March Snow

March snow
Is like and intangible soft coldness
Coming from the white sky
That’s falling apart
In a million white pieces.
Each snowflake is a small cold you can barely feel, 93 more words


Homemade Acai Bowls

Hello Friends, This weeks inspiration is from an amazing, and a fresh place called Backyard Bowls, it is so natural and organic with delicious flavors and colorful ingredients. 364 more words


*Visiting uncle Mike at his shop*

After Jollibee’s, we visited uncle Mike at Banzai tattoo shop in Pearl City☆

No tattoos til you’re 30 Isaac :0) hmmm, maybe when you’re 21 is ok*