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Gabon - Baobab

Antelopes grazing near the baobab tree is the illustration on the back of our beautiful banknote from Gabon.  The massive and amazing baobab is often called the tee of life.  166 more words


Congo native and Airman inspired by the ‘Tree of Life’

AFCLC Outreach Team

A canvas painting of a baobab tree dominates the small hallway in the Air Force Culture and Language Center. Hanging on a wall, the red and orange water colors slowly blend to form a breathtaking African sunset overlooking vast grassland. 764 more words

Botswana Wildlife Excursion...

Since we’ve been here I’ve hardly closed my mouth once. Not so much because I’m talking all the time—which of course I can do—but because…

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The Baobab Currency of Madagascar

Google can turn up some interesting results when you cast the net wide while conducting online research. In this particular instance, it started with an inquiry on the famous… 66 more words

Desert Creations

Exploring Madagascar Land of Lemurs and Baobabs

I long for places in this world that have experiences that will blow my mind. Madagascar achieved mind blown status and challenged me on some levels as a traveler. 1,013 more words


Baobab Boys

The majestic baobab tree, or commonly known all over the world as the “trunk boy,” could be one of the most peculiar trees in the world. 243 more words

The Baobab Tree: Grown from Greed & Envy

The first time you see a baobab in the wild African savannah, your jaw drops.

The baobab is unlike any tree you’ve seen elsewhere. Awe-inspiring and unique. 440 more words