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Hefty Salad Lunches

Because I’m preparing for my wedding, I’ve been trying to eat cleaner and exercise more. While killing myself at the gym has never been a problem, I’ve always had a hard time cutting back on my food intake. 515 more words


Bento Baon: Mugen the Siberian Husky

First off, I didn’t mean to go on a half a year-long hiatus from this blog. Moving to a foreign country is challenging enough as it is, and unfortunately, we faced an even tougher challenge when we discovered that our dog, Mugen’s health was compromised. 316 more words

Bento Baon

Supa crema de brocoli

Cocktail de vitamine, perfect pentru cei mici si cei mari! Este o supa delicioasa de legume, la care nu se simte pregnanat gustul de brocoli, care sa fim seriosi, nu-l agreaza multa lume. 412 more words


Corazon Dayro Ong, Baon, CDO Foodsphere

“Women are more approachable. My employees can relate their problems to me, both personal and work-related.”

-Corazon Ong

Corazon Ong an alumna of FEU Institute of Education (she graduated in 1964) with the degree in Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, was preparing baon ( food  for school tiffin) for her children, her recipes were appreciated by her  friends  and relatives. 189 more words

Bento Baon: First Bento in China

I have made numerous panda-themed bento ever since I started this whole character bento venture. Not only are pandas one of my most favorite animals, I am also now living in the land of pandas! 131 more words

Bento Baon

Bento Baon: Angry Onigiri

This is another scheduled post of one of my previous bento creations. It’s an angry onigiri bento! 133 more words

Bento Baon