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Baon Serye & My Lola

Whenever I don’t have baon or packed lunch, I am reminded of my grandmother.  Back in grade school days, she would prepare our baon and if we forget them, she’ll run after our school service to hand them over. 93 more words

Random Thoughts

Bento Baon: A Wild Chicken Appears

I’m not sure if this would qualify as a kyaraben (or charaben or decoben); I know how elaborate and meticulously designed those bento boxes can get. 143 more words


Bento Baon: Leftover General Tso's Chicken

I packed the last of our Chinese takeout in Joel’s bento for today. 146 more words

Bento Baon

Bento Baon: Leftover Lo Mein

We got some Chinese takeout over the weekend so I thought of bringing the leftovers to work for lunch Monday. 116 more words

Bento Baon

Sex Tayo

“Tara, sex tayo,” bulong niya sa’kin habang magkatabi kaming kumakain sa karinderya kaninang tanghali.
“Ha?” laking gulat ko. “Sira ka ba?” tanong ko sa kanya. 635 more words