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The Wedding Singer

So usually this little blog of mine is used for me talking about either something superhero related or a film that I have reviewed. Well I thought I’d change it up a bit and let you all know about a little show I’m in called The Wedding Singer! 313 more words

Wonderbao, CBD.

 Isn’t it amazing where sudden pangs of hunger can lead you to?

When you are up early running errands, sometimes lunch time can catch up to you, and that is what happened to me, last week in the CBD. 191 more words

Food Review

The 2015 AGM of BAOS

Well howdy!

Sheesh folks, many apologies…you try doing jury service, moving house, and trying to post blog posts – IT AIN’T ‘APPENIN!

Howver, like the renegade master, I am back in action! 542 more words

Take A Bao -- Surprisingly Not Bad for Asian Mall Food

It doesn’t sound promising: a mall food court kiosk serving Asian fusion food made by white guys. I don’t think either of the principals has any background in Asian cuisine. 300 more words

West LA

Their Lips are Lyin', Only Real is Real

Let’s start this off with a (slightly inappropriate because youth) sweary comment:


Look at their little faces and their jivin’ little hands there… 986 more words

London: Flesh and Buns

Flesh and Buns has to be one of the only places I have returned to more than once. New to London can make you hesitant about whats going to impress you, with so many options to try and opinions differ quite a bit compared to NZ. 273 more words



Food so good you’ll want to bao to me. That’s not a typo, that’s just what’s being served at the hip hole-in-the-wall joint, Baohaus. Baos are delicious Taiwanese buns typically filled with braised pork belly, crushed peanuts, hoisin sauce, and garnish. 267 more words