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BAP, Day 4

I took the day off from BAPing yesterday. Today more than made up for it, though.

I had to run an errand this morning on my way into work, so I made my strategic stop at Target, hopped back in the car, and then got stuck at three traffic light cycles trying to turn left to get to the train station. 154 more words


BAP, Day 3

Today’s snafu: in my rush to get to the train, I forgot¬†my coffee in my car. *hangs head in defeat*¬†

You may not know this about me, but this constitutes a crisis. 257 more words


[Fanfiction] Get Married? | Part 20

Cast : B.A.P Members

Genre : AU, Yaoi, Drama

Part : 20/?

Warning : Typo, alur kecepetan /?.


Setelah kejadian tadi malam, kediaman keluarga Jung masih terlihat tenang tanpa terlihat tanda-tanda penghuninya yang sudah terbangun meskipun jam telah menunjukkan pukul sembilan pagi. 5,603 more words


I Like You [Chapter 4: It's My Choice]

Author : Kim Raemi & Summer

Tittle : I like You

Length : Chaptered

Genre : Romance, Friend




Mood: Tired
Music: B.A.P. – Warrior

Not feeling like such a warrior now I suppose. Could be worse though. Today didn’t quite end as planned. Not sure how I’m going to wake up tomorrow… If it’s heavier, I’m going to scream. 46 more words


BAP, Day 2

Well, today was a bust. I got a little bit of a late start, thanks to setting my alarm for p.m. instead of a.m., hit some gnarly traffic approaching downtown Culver City where the train station is, and then circled the parking lot before realizing there were ZERO parking spaces left. 72 more words


BAP, Day 1

It’s tough to see, but the train is up on the platform, about to pull away. And I parked aaaaaaaaaaall the way back here where I’m taking the photo. 362 more words