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Hôm nay chính là ngày quan trọng của người thương của tớ. Không biết cậu đang làm gì nhỉ? Lịch trình ở Nhật hôm nay cũng xong rồi, có phải đang đi ăn với anh em không hay là lại bị đám anh em làm ngơ rồi bỏ đói rồi hả? 1,996 more words


On Placement - Part One

It has been a while since I updated you all about what’s happening with my spiritual journey so I thought today was a good day to share with you where I am up to. 639 more words


Jung Yong Hwa, BAP and Gugudan will be performing in KBEE 2017 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2017 – Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2017 Hong Kong (KBEE), the largest overseas event held by KOTRA to foster trading, targets both overseas business and consumers to promote K-wave and Korean products through the synergy effect developed by the cultural industry. 263 more words


My Favourite Groups - Part 3.2

B.A.P has always been and will always be very close to being one of my favourite groups ever. Although the love I have for GOT7 and BTS cannot be replaced. 3,286 more words


My Favourite Groups - Part 3.1

Now that I’ve gone through my Top 2 groups, time to move on to the rest :) I swear, there’s not that many groups that I’m gonna talk about like this so don’t worry – this series won’t last too long hahaha… 2,771 more words

Hana Rosey

Are You Ready for MUSIC BANK WORLD TOUR in Jakarta?

Jakarta, 2017 – Music Bank will be coming to Indonesia after their last visit on 2013! This year, the 2017 Music Bank in Jakarta will be held on… 243 more words