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Rollo gets baptised

When Rollo, the 9th century founder of the Norman ruling dynasty, was baptised, he took the baptismal name of Robert, after his godfather. He celebrated by giving endowments to the church, but also by sacrificing some (pagan?) prisoners. 11 more words


Forgive and Forget. From the Lips of the Devil

By Cindy Koch

We hear it all the time: to really forgive is to forget it ever happened. If you don’t forget, then you must have a problem with your forgiveness. 608 more words

Living Word

Equiano's curious Argument against Slavery

Reading another one Penguin’s Little Black Classics reminds me of the role narrative plays in identity forming.

Equiano’s story was clearly important for the abolitionist cause. 576 more words



Remember special dates and milestones with Numero.

Apellido embraces a person’s or family’s identity and affiliation.

Pehaps the initials of you and your hubby? Yiheee. A friendship frame also works! 422 more words

Christ the Preacher — 1 Peter 3:19

I wrote this analysis out some time ago, and after reviewing it, I still believe it holds true. One day I will take the time to come back and expand it with even more information that I now think of which would make the presented case even stronger, but until then, even in its current brevity, it should stand as adequate and convincing. 471 more words