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Trouble Finding Godparents for Baptism


I am a Catholic and my wife is a non-Catholic.  We had a son together and I am facing a dilemma about choosing his godparents. 211 more words




Saint Agnes:  I would like to return to our old conversation in which you asked me about my life. I will tell you then about it in detail, but now I wanted to show you the differences in our approach of that time to the matters of faith and in your contemporary view of these matters. 670 more words


Washed in the blood: a closer look at the cult ritual of baptism

I was baptized at age 7 in my underwear by my father in a bathtub at a neighbor’s house in front of a small audience of onlookers. 2,057 more words


Flood of Noah is a Type of Baptism

Flood of Noah is a Type of Baptism. 1 Pet 3:18-22

“Baptism” means “overwhelmed with calamity.” Satan is always the active agent in every calamity, each type of baptism, whether in fire as in Dan 3 or in water as in Gen 6-8 and Exodus 14. 623 more words


This child is entrusted (Baptism hymn)

This child is entrusted,
enfolded in love:
a new life enriched with
new life from above.

For the gift and the promise,
to God bring your praise! 168 more words



When I awoke yesterday morning, the word “repentance” was on my mind and a heaviness for people who do not know my Jesus. Lo and behold, I go to bible study last night and what did Pastor Eric talk about? 577 more words