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Lesson From Lent: King's Kitchen Table

Imagine being a young black pastor in the segregated south and you have been called upon to lead a movement against injustice. The demonstration is having some success and the supporters of the evil structure have constantly threatened and denounced what you are doing.  905 more words

Self Examination

The Meaning of “At Hand”

A Baptist brother, preaching on “The Establishment of the Kingdom,” quoted Matthew 11:12 and Luke 16:16-21. In explaining Matthew 3:2, “the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” he says it means “already there.” He gave for an example that having received a letter, to which we were going to reply, we would say: “Yours of — is at hand.” Please give us your views on the same. 393 more words

Elisha G. Sewell

Trump's Affair with his DAUGHTER?? and 10 other things he wishes we forget

“After watching this you will never look at Trump
the same way again”

(Reprinted and reposted from “Happy Foxie” blog post that seemed full of tracking malware) … 1,474 more words

First Corinthian Baptist Church

When we emerge from the subway it is clear that we will be late for the service’s apparent start time of 9:30. Our group is composed of a German woman who works in in media marketing, a male Spanish researcher, an Israeli man recently out of a voluntarily extended service in their military and enjoying it by sporting lothario-long hair, an atheistic female jurist from Martinique, and my English self. 2,477 more words

21 March: Where she may lay her young.

As we crossed the cloister at the Baptist College in Manchester, Luther King House, we heard a chuckle from the top of a leafless tree. A pair of magpies were building their nest in a fork of the upper branches. 165 more words

Daily Reflections

Elections, Leadership and Hope

The Dutch just had their elections. This time they made international news. Many feared that one or more political parties that would break up the European Union would be put in political power. 346 more words


The 29th annual session.

In October 1895, the churches of the Old Eastern Missionary Baptist Association, comprised of African-American congregations from across eastern North Carolina, held their annual session at Wilson’s… 9 more words

City Of Wilson