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The Myth of Security (Part 2)

A profound phenomenon accompanies our problems and struggles – worry. When problems break through our ineffective strategies to be safe, worry is usually our companion. I had written a couple of weeks ago that we would talk about trust in our everyday life. 814 more words

The Hatred of the Doctrine of Sovereign Grace

If anything is hated bitterly, it is the out and-out gospel of the grace of God, especially if that hateful word, sovereignty is mentioned with it. 348 more words


Why Martin Luther King is not an example for Catholics

Although many portray Martin Luther King Jr. as an exemplary religious leader, the reality is quite the opposite. 169 more words


July 15, 2018

Church and the Human Body

Pastor Hamish Buntain

What is your part?


1 Corinthians 12: 12-26 (NIV)

Unity and Diversity in the Body…

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Temple Baptist Church, Detroit, MI

Major “rust belt” cities—Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee—are familiar to me. I was born there; their fabric may be threadbare but it is comfortable. At the outset of this project I was disappointed to have found so few A-A examples, possibly because of the high Roman Catholic population, but in hindsight it now seems more likely that the volatility of neighborhoods, their shifting populations, and the general economic decline didn’t serve these congregations well. 103 more words

Pastor, Why Don't You QUIT?

“You don’t have to stay! You can quit. You can leave. You can resign. You are the pastor!” These were my words to the younger pastor as he looked at me incredulously. 864 more words

The baptist view of the covenants and their respective signs

I have had a few discussions lately on slightly different subjects but with similar answers to the questions. I’ve discussed God’s purpose for Israel and also God’s covenant signs, along with the continuity/discontinuity between the testaments. 878 more words