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Christianity in the public square

One reflection on the fuss over the showing of the advertisement for the Lord’s Prayer in cinemas, would be that it shows up the ambivalence our society has with Christianity and, probably with the idea of religious faith of any variety; I think it does not know what to make of it. 573 more words


SUMAC Are Preparing to Record A New Album

SUMAC, the dynamic duo of Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom, Mammifer) and Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) released their monster debut album, The Deal, back in February of this year. 148 more words


Follow your conscience

Last week everyone’s favourite free-wheeling Pope said, to a Lutheran woman married to a Catholic man who said how hurt she was at not being able to take communion in each other’s churches: 646 more words


Sacred Act

Central Valley Baptist Church, Meridian

I admit it is odd for me to think about Sacraments when I am attending a church that does not believe in them.   586 more words

Christian Church


When one of the pillars of a denomination’s faith is that churches are independent entities only loosely gathered in ministry it is likely that many different forms of that faith will develop.   771 more words

Christian Church

Album Review: Bastard Grave - "What Lies Beyond"

Somewhere between the buzzsaw guitar grind of vintage Entombed and the murk of the modern American underground’s best up-and-comers like Baptists and Call of The Void, you’ll find Sweden’s… 443 more words


Pilgram Marpeck's Peace in Augsburg

Pilgram Marpeck’s Peace in Augsburg

In 1555, Charles V agreed to a treaty with members of the Schmalkadic League to institute what is now referred to as the “Peace of Augsburg.” This treaty provided Lutherans with religious toleration under specified districts via the principle of… 3,340 more words

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