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The Day the Music Lived: Why Contemporary Worship Music should thank a Baptist Pastor from the 1600s.

Did you know that there was a time where people didn’t sing together in church?

I know, how weird right?

In Britain in the 1600s, singing songs of worship was a big no-no. 1,807 more words


Mighty Confusing

There is a Catholic church near our home. So near in fact, that I can hear the church bells ringing from my front yard. As sad and confusing as Catholicism often is to me, the sound of the bells is beautiful. 1,178 more words


Davis Square

Most Somervillians are familiar with Davis Square, home to the Somerville Theater, Rosebud Diner and many other historic Somerville landmarks. But, how many know the history of its namesake, Person Davis, who made his home there at a time when West Somerville was only sparsely inhabited farmland. 803 more words


Grace for Y'All

Church attendance seems to be on the decline. What once was a vibrant church culture in the Bible belt has shifted to a culture of church avoidance. 923 more words

Transforming The Mind

Christians Supporting the Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

About 3 weeks ago, I was filled with great joy at the Supreme Court ruling that allowed same sex marriage throughout the whole United States. This ruling capped a long struggle for this fundamental right for my gay and lesbian friends and for the many who have fought in the courts and in the streets to change public opinion. 2,199 more words

The Importance of Israel

Some people believe that the Church has replaced Israel; that God has fulfilled the promises made to Israel and therefore, they are not necessary. But sadly, though many people who hold this opinion call themselves Christians, they do not understand what the Bible says. 619 more words

Report from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly

CBF Commissioning Service/Dallas 2015-Courtesy CBF

By Matt Sapp

Julie and I along with several other members of our congregation spent three days last week in Dallas for the… 892 more words