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Keep a Close Watch . . . On the Teaching: Tom Nettles Responds to Trevin Wax’s Post

By Tom Nettles

I think there has been a misunderstanding. Trevin Wax is concerned that I am writing off my non-Calvinist brethren as “on the same plane of theological degeneracy as man-centered liberals.” He then compares that to the non-Calvinist argument that all Calvinists have the seeds of hyper-Calvinism ready to blossom in their breast. 217 more words


John Clarke

John Clarke, one of the most eminent men of his time, and a leading spirit among the founders of Rhode Island, was, according to the best authorities, born in Suffolk, England, Oct. 2,124 more words


Eight Reasons to Study Baptist History

by Jeff Robinson

I always begin church history classes the same way as our dear brother Tom Nettles, with a lecture called “Why Study Church History?” I’m not merely seeking to copycat my mentor; we live in an age in which what C.S. 95 more words

Church History

Evangelicals and the Problem of Free Will

Having been raised as a Southern Baptist, I was taught from a very early age that the Bible is God’s holy word, that it is infallible, and that it presents humanity with essentially a road map of how to live on earth and how to ensure one’s soul goes to be with God in heaven for all eternity after life on earth is over.   1,078 more words


A Response to Trevin Wax: Does Moving Away from Calvinism Necessarily Lead to Liberalism?

by Guest Blogger

***I sent this to Trevin before posting, and he in turn has sent me a very thoughtful and brotherly response. Trevin’s response has helped me to express myself more clearly and refine my critique of his post. 210 more words


Trevin Wax Responds to Nettles Article: Does Moving Away from Calvinism Necessarily lead to Liberalism?

by Trevin Wax

In the past decade, Southern Baptists have engaged in an ongoing conversation about the rise of Calvinism within our churches and seminaries, and whether this development should be embraced or resisted. 169 more words


Here’s The Point: Calvinists and Non-Calvinists in the SBC

by Tom Nettles

For some time now, my blog posts have pursued an inquiry of how non-Calvinists and Calvinists among Southern Baptists have come to be involved in a public conversation on their respective positions. 117 more words