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Baptists and Holy Week

It’s Holy Monday.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday.

While I admire many aspects of the Baptist tradition, when it comes to the church calendar, I personally think Baptists, in general, are woeful. 73 more words


Eternal Security

Do you believe in Eternal Security? Do you know what that term means?

Some people, such as the Mennonites, Freewill Baptists, and Amish do not believe in Eternal Security. 1,208 more words

Day 32–March 27

Mark in Forty Days

This year I am reading through the Gospel of Mark during the forty days of Lent. My suggested plan is that you do these readings in… 8 more words


What People Want from their Church

There has been much written regarding what people look for in a church. The topic itself can lead to “consumer language,” focusing on personal preferences, when describing the kind of church people want. 853 more words


HGTV's House Hunters comes to Detroit

It is hard to believe that it has been  almost three years since I was in the shoes of this young couple, looking for a house in the Detroit area. 746 more words


Are All Religions And Churches The Same?

Are all religions or churches the same? There is a wide belief that all religions or Christian churches are the same because Christians of various denominations believe that Jesus Christ is God, and this belief encompasses the disunity and difference in each and every Church that bears the name Christian. 969 more words

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