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Not So Lonely and Still Talking “Baptist”

Yesterday I received notes from seven new readers of the blog, four of them former students, and from four of the regulars. So my readership has almost doubled in response to my announcement that I was going to slow down and to drop the Baptist apologetics.  1,618 more words


State and Church

At the centre of my life as a Christian, its very foundation and cause, is my relationship with God. As I tried to explain last week, that involves being part of a Christian community, as we are offered no examples in Scripture, of the individualist Christian doing it all by himself. 828 more words


The simplicity of God

I am grateful to Chalcedon  and Dave Smith for their help in trying to understand the language of Marian veneration. But I still feel, as I did reading David Monier-Williams’ explanation of the ‘hows’ of therapy as though I am in the presence of something designed to complicate matters in a way that allows those conveying the language to exercise power; it is the creation of an hieratic priesthood which has privileged access to secret mysteries cloaked in a language of social exclusion: don’t understand it? 661 more words


Being Baptist (for the last time)

This blog was launched in 2013 with dreams of thoughtful dialogue and an ever-increasing readership. In actuality, my regular readers number fewer than a dozen and no real dialogue has materialized, though I respond to an occasional question or appreciative comment.. 770 more words


A Christian community?

One of the things which emerged from the reactions to my post here yesterday was the dissatisfaction which many feel with their local church. From the descriptions offered the last thing some folk find there is what should be there – a Christian community. 814 more words


A personal relationship with Jesus?

In Henry IV part 1 Glendower says he will call ‘spirits from the vasty deep’ – the sceptical Harry Hotspur irritates the verbose Welsh prince by sneering: ‘aye, but will they come when you call?’ That’s a question facing every evangelist. 754 more words


31 Shearing Mick's sheep

This is one of my very first posts when I started. So some of you will have read it before. Not to worry. Read it again. 924 more words