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Paraphrase of Romans 6:1-14

Using my definitions from my last post, I have written a paraphrased translation of Romans 6:1-14:

What is our attitude to be? Should we remain living under the authority of unrighteousness for grace to increase even more? 363 more words


Key Terms in Romans 6:1-14

Next, I would like to take a look at Romans 6:1-14. This is a vital passage that describes our new identity in Christ. To start with, I would like to identify some key terms used by Paul in this passage of Scripture and define them. 76 more words


Jesus is watching you

A thief enters during the night in a house whose owners have gone on vacation. When the thief puts the money in the bag, a voice is heard: 99 more words


Submerged in Christ


Sunday August 6, 2017 By Bob Cote

1 Peter 3:21 – The true picture of baptism and it’s significance.



When I awoke yesterday morning, the word “repentance” was on my mind and a heaviness for people who do not know my Jesus. Lo and behold, I go to bible study last night and what did Pastor Eric talk about? 577 more words

Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 1675

The prospect of learning a new language may seem too much to undertake. One way to succeed at learning a new language is to relate unknown terms, phrases, and words to known terms, phrases, and words. 9 more words


If God Had Another Name !

Same sham swathed, in that baptized shroud
Which we humans weave, with servile belief?
Would his puny pride’s head, remain unbowed
Had God been, a different leitmotif! 87 more words