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Sir, We Wish to See Jesus

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning, the Fifth Sunday in Lent. It was also the day I baptized a baby we’ll call “Matthew” for the purposes of this blog. 1,088 more words


Dream Interpretation

I woke up from a dream this morning and it was incredible!

I asked God in the dream why He makes me turn into other things in other dreams, and He showed me a scroll. 892 more words

Why I Do What I Do

So this will be a fairly short and to-the-point blog post.

Not with ill will or anything of that nature, but just expressing my opinion. Letting you all know why, I believe, … 1,807 more words


Excerpt 14 for Lent from The Soldier Who Killed a King

A journey to the cross is a journey to repentance. It’s a journey to deep personal change. Will you take this journey with me?

In today’s reading, Marcus is in conversation with his nephew, the young soldier Claudius. 749 more words


God's Friend - My Friend - Thank You

Close to a year and a half ago, I wrote the blog:  God’s Love, it is about experiencing God’s love through an encounter with a young woman at a random place, a random time and an incredible oddity, which occurred that made it happen. 363 more words


Let There Be Light

I just watched Kevin Sorbo’s new movie today. It was an okay movie, but at the baptism scene I said, Let There be Deeper Water! 178 more words


What Is A Disciple?

Jesus has given us a great mission. We are to make disciples of all peoples. But what is a disciple? Jesus’ instructions help answer that question. 502 more words