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I gotta...

I’ve got to beg your pardon but I’m putting this weeks Revelation post on hold until next week.  I have some things I need to figure out. 276 more words



Close your eyes and

let me baptize you in the stars!

Dipped in black velvet

and incandescent diamond night.

Purge yourself of mortal woes

and become one with the

sacred eternal light!

© J.G.

Original Poetry

Pro-Life Democrats and Republicans - the JFK Solution

You must know to understand and research that all the modern year legal fights over abortion are based that abortion is legal medically out of Texas all the way back to being cited in Roe vs. 1,463 more words

Bible Studies

Son of God

Reading: John 1: 29-34

John the Baptist operated from outside the traditional corridors of power. He was not a Pharisee or a Sadducee or any other type of official religious person. 383 more words

Go. Teach. Baptize. 

Matthew 28: 19
Jesus was dead. Jesus was risen. But they weren’t sure yet.

This encounter with Christ at the end of the gospel according to Matthew describes the encounter that believers and doubters had with the newly risen Christ. 550 more words


Fourth Sunday In Advent - Church Back Home - December 18, 2016

The Gospel reading for this Sunday has a special “treat” for conspiracy theorists and those who want to explore history beyond what your teacher taught. When the religious leaders sent priests and Levites to ask John the Baptist who he was and what could be expected of him, John replied by telling them that one among them would come and be greater than him. 34 more words

Does Getting Baptized Guarantee Salvation for you?

The answer is NO!!!
***Your decision of rather or not to get baptized will not be a deciding factor toward your Salvation.

In fact Baptism is just a symbolism that is used as a way for us to publicly show our transformation to a new life in Christ. 120 more words