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A Birthday….

This week we celebrated one of us slipping further into their 30’s, that one of us was me.As there are such few days where I can genuinely say, “It’s all about me darling!” and not have someone roll their eyes or want to secretly slap me, I organized a night for my lovely friends and I.  181 more words

A Guest Review: Did Bar Américain Misspell the Word "American?"

Bar Americain, located between 7th Avenue and Avenue of the Americas, is an upscale restaurant in Midtown that serves, you guessed it, American food. I’m not sure why they named themselves “Americain” instead of  “American” and my 30 second Google search didn’t prove fruitful either. 276 more words


Bar Americain

We made last minute lunch at Bar Americain. Tuna was pretty decent

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Daily Life

Midtown Madness

Oh Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Bobby Flay, the dapper chef from the TV show “The Iron Chef” has numerous restaurants all over the United States, and it was about time I tried one of them. 510 more words

Bar Americain

Bar American has a nice lobster club for lunch.

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