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Recipe quick take: Emily Luchetti's Walnut Hazelnut Bars

Straight off, I have to admit that this recipe was a bit more involved than my initial impression had suggested, making it unsuitable for the “easy midweek” tranche of my summer baking project, and as a result I screwed several steps up. 873 more words


How to Store Cookies

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far!

Today I’m sharing how to store cookies whether they are crisp, soft or bar cookies. 288 more words

Oreo Brookie Bars

Grit your teeth and get your double-shot espresso latte ready…… for tomorrow, it starts. Back to school, back to facing the insane amount of traffic, and wondering which genius was responsible for only putting in a two lane highway on RM 2222. 555 more words

Bar Cookies

Craving sweet and salty? You need an Everything bar!

You know those days when you crave something sweet and something salty and you just don’t know what to eat? The answer is here. Everything Bars. 115 more words

Must Try

Custom Granola Bars

I know granola bars aren’t a decadent baked treat, but now that I have made them I can say I won’t be buying them in the store. 310 more words


Brunch for a Month

I collect cookbooks and recipes. It’s a bit of an obsession. Lately, as I pour through my recipe collection, I’ve been drawn to morning treats. My latest post was already a muffin recipe, so I thought I would devote the rest of the month of August to baking for brunch.  134 more words