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America Eats (and Drinks) Tavern

Like me, America Eats is classy and beautiful to look at.  I’ve raved about the interior design of two other Tysons bars recently (Bush and Barrel and Eddie V’s) and AET makes a hat trick; lots of natural light, open space, and gorgeous tables and bartops.   388 more words

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Airy Drinking at Barrel and Bushel

I was already on a soapbox declaring Tysons Corner the future of America in my previous review of Eddie Vs, so no need to sound that horn again.   509 more words

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Review: Harry's Bar

Kudos to Harrys bar of Singapore origin, for not resting on it’s international laurels and getting Chef Vicky Ratnani and mixologist Shatbi basu to infuse newness into the food and drink. 35 more words


Transportation Law; Common Carrier's Vigilance Over the Goods

            In De Guzman vs. Court of Appeals[1], the Supreme Court held that:

            Common carriers, “by the nature of their business and for reasons of public policy” 2 are held to a very high degree of care and diligence (“extraordinary diligence”) in the carriage of goods as well as of passengers. 504 more words

Atty. Mark P. Piad

Drinking Up the Neighborhood at Mason Social

Another fun up and coming neighborhood is the “Parker Gray” area, which most sensible people might call “North Old Town.”  The condos move in, then the townhouses, and the hip restaurants and cross-fit studios are quick to follow.  494 more words

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Sophisticated Sipping at Eddie Vs

I’m not what most people would call “sophisticated.”  That description is reserved for folks with fashion sense, a polished sedan, and a general appreciation for cleanliness — none of which I have.  472 more words

Bar Review

The One Where I Write A Review Of Hop & Cleaver

I’d call Hop and Cleaver a hidden gem, but I’d be lying. I first spotted their large advertising hoarding by chance while passing St Nicholas’ Cathedral in the height of last summer, and the promise of plentiful bourbon and chicken wings seemed too good to be true. 719 more words

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