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Open Tab's first episode is up now!

What a great way to start the holidays with this online show. Here is the first episode were releasing. More coming soon!

New Video


I don’t know know why this popped into my head tonight, but I started thinking about my first job. During school, my “job” was to get good grades, I wasn’t paid for it of course, but it did get me into University eventually, so that’s something! 231 more words


I'm The Salty Bartender In THIS Cameo

I present to you, Love Star’s NEW music video, ¡DAME! Spanish is not necessary to enjoy. It’s colorful, sexy and you’ll enjoy the music!
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The top seven guys I date in the Bay

Why? Because I make HORRIBLE decisions.

  1. The techie- he works for google, or twitter, or linkedin, or dropbox. Awkward, YES. Oddly bro-ey, YES. Cannot hold his liquior, YES.
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Prosecco, Picasso and Prosthetics - Part 2 - How do we acquire things?

Senor Pinguino is in the dog house.

Suki and I have gone out for a girly lunch which has culminated in several Prosecco cocktails. This was our way of celebrating albeit belatedly our birthdays which we had both spent separately in Spain – Suki had of course been treated to the ultimate rock chick weekend, flown out by SP to Madrid to see AC/DC whereas I had had to suffer the horrors which were the Spanish school ( I will write about this one day but I still feel traumatised by this experience!!!). 1,089 more words

Rock Star

Early Start

She’s only 27 but says now of her pregnancy, three months in, that quitting booze was easy, that she was actually kinda glad to finally have a reason, but that giving up caffeine has been awful. 274 more words


Well It's Been a Long TIme

M. is 24, your age, but she works a whole lot harder than you do and right now she’s filling a cooler with Coronas and talking about what a long time it’s been since she was a server and says, for perspective, that she got promoted to the bar just a while before you started coming around. 191 more words