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Inauguration Day 2017: A Day of New Beginnings

I can remember the first time that I ever voted in any sort of election, local or national.

I was 22 years old and in my last semester at Memphis State University, now the University of Memphis. 1,416 more words


The Last Day

On January 21st, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama, Former Community Organizer and Former United States Senator from the state of Illinois, was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. 1,103 more words


Obama Frees Terrorist Involved in 120 Bombings

LEFTIST CELEBRITIES AND POLITICIANS PRAISE OBAMA’S DECISION TO RELEASE A TERRORIST who claimed responsibility for 120 bombings and numerous confirmed killings! “I have no regret for what I’ve done” said the Terrorist. 72 more words

Petulant President Pantywaist Pardons Traitorous Transvestite

As you read this post, boys and girls, just remember…Obama still has two days left.

Fox News Insider reports that

President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, a US Army private imprisoned for leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks, Neil Cavuto reported.

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Obama becomes One Man Wrecking Crew before leaving White House

In Obama’s final days as President, he’s become what writers like me warned about.

  • Provoking Russia into war by placing troops on their borders.
  • Emptying prisons of drug dealers because they’re “black”.
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Must Read

BHO January 17, 2017 ...

https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/10-anduril.m4a “Anduril”, Howard Shore, from “The Lord Of The Rings” soundtrack album (2003).

On the one hand:

…  Mr. Obama’s notion of America was that into which he wanted to change it. 505 more words

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