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If I Were a Socialist U.S. President 

Prologue: A while back, I wrote a blog describing what I would do, if “I were a Socialist U.S. President”. I added to it, as things further spiraled out of control. 1,815 more words


MSM's Knickers in a Twist Over Trump Calling Foreign Leaders (It's Almost as if He's the President-Elect or Sumpin'.)

Once again, the hand-wringing Pajamaboy (and girl) Liberals in the Main Stream Media are positively apoplectic over something that President-elect Donald J. Trump has done. 2,649 more words


The Obama Economy Vs. The Trump Economy: The Difference Between "Just Words" and Actually Doing Something "Yuge"

When Barack Hussein Obama first ran for the Presidency of the United States in 2008, he claimed that his economic policies would “foster economic growth from the bottom up and not just from the top down.” Obama promised to put in place “an immediate rescue plan for the middle class” and would end the “tired, worn-out, trickle-down ideologies we’ve been seeing for so many years.” 1,762 more words


Former CIA Agent Breaks Her Silence About Obama

When prominent people start speaking out, the American people should pay attention. Right now, a former CIA agent is starting to speak out against Obama. 490 more words


The Recounts (this is what Donald Trump gets for being Mr. Nice Guy)

President-elect Trump courted disaster by playing it nice following the election.

Nov. 10 – He met with Obama, humbled.  Yes, the Marxist-Muslim President who created ISIS, who helped ruin Europe, who downgraded our military, who gave Iran billions of dollars NOT to build a nuclear bomb (which they are anyway) and dumped untold thousands of Muslim “refugees” into the U.S., is suddenly worthy of “honor and respect”. 131 more words

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