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The Coming Storm

By Justin O. Smith:

Christians in America today are under assault and facing persecution from an unholy alliance of marxofascist Progressives, Islamofascists and secular humanists, and although this started in the 1960s counterculture through leftist radicals in the media, government, academia and churches, Obama and his regime have launched an unprecedented assault on Christianity and religious liberty over the past six years. 1,007 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Bits and Pieces

A survivor story from Oklahoma on Bing. Not the kind you would expect.

“For the kids”. We hear this all the time and it’s never been less true then now. 713 more words

Barack Obama

Obama Caves AGAIN In Iran Nuke Talks

I can understand when you want something so bad…it’s just out of reach, and you can taste it…but can’t reach it. I get it. But when you’re the president of the United States, and you’re in charge of negotiating with a foreign country, an enemy country at that (and a sponsor of terrorism), reaching a deal isn’t the big thing. 442 more words

Barack Obama

President, Congress head for rocky stretch run

There ought to be little doubt left that President Barack Obama’s final laps at the White House are going to be full of bitter quarrels with another “co-equal branch of government,” the U.S. 301 more words

Barack Obama's said it. So should you Cameron.

This coming Wednesday is Earth day and Barack Obama yesterday resolutely admitted that Climate Change is the main threat to our species.

No one can deny it anymore. 624 more words

Chris Christie Vows To Crack Down On Marijuana If Elected President

In a recent interview, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vowed to “crack down on and not permit” legalized marijuana if elected president, he told an Iowa news station last week, … 402 more words