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ISIS rises, the economy falters, and Obama’s legacy falls apart


By John Podhoretz

 May 23, 2015 | 12:00am


Deep into the seventh year of his tenure, Barack Obama is thinking about his post-presidential legacy. We know this because he’s telling us so. 1,111 more words

Free State Patriot

This Memorial Day Remember…

…Our Veterans that gave all to give us the freedom to celebrate this day. Don’t just think of barbeques and beer. Also remember that as many gave all… 130 more words

Straight From Uncle Sam's Mouth: ISIS To Be Used As U.S. Strategic Asset

Every so often, a snippet of what the enlightened lords and ladies who comprise our ruling elite discuss amongst themselves in plain, unambiguous terms slips out into full view of us peasants and peons. 611 more words

Barack Obama

Presidential Thought of The Day That Tells Us What The President Really Thinks

From the Prayer Caucus government website https://forbes.house.gov/prayercaucus/

This ‘daily thought’ expresses the idea of America that has not changed since it’s founding with one small, cosmetic, and condescending guise of not only freedom of religion but of freedom from religion. 1,285 more words


Another Celebration by " Frustrated" Savages in the Street, this time in Cleveland


By Ralph Ellis and Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN

(CNN)Cleveland police tried to give peaceful protesters the space to exercise their First Amendment rights following the Michael Brelo verdict, but some of them crossed the line several times, resulting in 71 arrests, city officials said Sunday. 209 more words


In the Library ... "Injustices" by Ian Millhiser

Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting The Comfortable And Afflicting The Afflicted They won’t be selling Injustices at the Supreme Court gift shop. Ian Millhiser’s scathing, exuberant indictment of the many misdeeds of the nation’s highest court is a necessary, and highly entertaining, corrective to the mythology that has always surrounded the work of the Justices.” 570 more words

On the Subject of Hypocrite Mike Huckabee and His Degenerate Pal Rocker Ted Nugent

By Elaine Magliaro

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is good buddies with rock musician and degenerate Ted Nugent. Nugent, a supporter of the Republican party and board member of the NRA, is well-known for his conservative political views and his unhinged rants against Democratic  political figures like President Obama and Hillary Clinton. 523 more words

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