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Hurricane Katrina Was the Disaster It Was Due to Capitalism!

10 years ago, the Progressive Labor Party organized to send many people to the flood ravaged disaster in New Orleans. Challenge was quite clear to point out that the tragedy was far less a natural disaster as a disaster caused by capitalism. 2,991 more words


Illegals, Oil and Weed

Track ‘Em Like A Fed Ex Package

From the astoundingly stupid department, Chris Christie (NJ) has developed his illegal immigrant plan and floated it to American voters during a New Hampshire town hall event. 694 more words

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Is your state or country going through urban renewal, rebuilding while displacing

Definition of GENTRIFICATION …

  The process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of upper-income or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. 124 more words

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Democrats Say Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blocked Iran Resolution at DNC Meeting 

The Iran agreement faces strong Republican — and some Democratic opposition — in Congress.

MINNEAPOLIS — Dan Balz and Philip Rucker report: Democratic National Committee… 448 more words


Trump & Cruz To Headline Zionist Mafia Organization In America: Opposing Iran For Rothschild's Israel.

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Trump and Cruz to headline rally opposing Iran deal

August 28, 2015 1:06pm
(JTA) — Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will speak at a Washington, D.C. 1,259 more words


Climate change legislation approaches pivotal showdown with oil industry

California Democrats’ push to curb emissions and promote clean energy would alter how the state does business and change the way residents live

With only a few days left in the current session of the… 142 more words

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Richard Corriere's "In Their Own Words." Donald Trump on the shooting of TV journalists

“This isn’t a gun problem, this is a mental problem. It’s not a question of the laws, it’s really the people. In the old days they had mental institutions for people like this because he was really, definitely borderline and definitely would have been and should have been institutionalized. 58 more words

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