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The Obama presidency implodes

The Obama presidency implodes

As we watch the Obama presidency implode the Republicans, and especially the neo-cons be warned, gloating, piling on, and taking advantage right now; may win you satisfaction — at the expense of your great country. 290 more words

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Analysis of Obama's UFO Jokes with Jimmy Kimmel

Obama’s joke-fest with Jimmy Kimmel, Subject: UFOs

Excerpt from: LA Times

Kimmel, who introduced his guest as the first “Kenyan-born Muslim socialist” president, wanted to know whether Obama had tried to get to the bottom of the “UFO files” about the mysterious desert region known as Area 51. 878 more words


President Obama: 'No excuse' for 'criminals and thugs' who tore up Baltimore

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Tuesday condemned the “criminals and thugs who tore up” the city of Baltimore on Monday night, after rioting and looting paralyzed the city and overwhelmed local officials. 393 more words


'DOG WHISTLE TOOT TOOT TOOT'! Obama calls #FreddieGray rioters 'thugs' [video]

Well, it took him a few days, but President Obama finally got around to commenting on the ongoing #FreddieGray riots in Baltimore:

Obama refers to Baltimore looters as "thugs"

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Donald Trump Insults Obama For Not Getting Baltimore Riots Under Control

As riots rage on in Baltimore, Donald Trump could not stay quiet. He wanted to fire everyone – including the president! The Donald slammed Barack Obama, insulting him for not doing anything while B’More burns! 520 more words

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Gruntsplaining the Voxsplanation of the WHCD

Ezra Klein is many things besides being a shameless leftist ideologue whore. But, a humor expert? Not in a million years on one of Jupiter’s moons. 690 more words

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