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Fred Schwarz on Conservative and Liberal Views of the Constitution: 'Rules vs Tools'

“Conservatives see the Constitution as a set of rules that must be followed, while liberals see it as a box of tools that can be used to put their policies into effect.” 468 more words
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Obama's State Department Refuses to Provide Documents about Hillary's Benghazi Deceit to House Committee

State Department asserts privilege against Benghazi committee

by Byron York at the Washington Examiner:

“The State Department has informed the House Select Committee on Benghazi that it is withholding “a small number” of documents from investigators on the basis of “important executive branch institutional interests.” The statement, made in a letter from Assistant Secretary of State Julia Frifield to committee chairman Rep. 83 more words

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The Right to Privacy: Where Republicans Fall Flat

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

On Tuesday a Florida judge, Chief Circuit Judge Charles Francis, blocked a state law that would require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman could get an abortion. 684 more words

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Media Covers #AskBobby and #AskObama Differently

Media covers #AskBobby and #AskObama differently
By Breana Noble

Both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal requested Twitter users submit their questions to answer online. 458 more words

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Traditional journalism could learn a thing or two from comedian interviewers like Marc Maron

You’ve gotta love Marc Maron.

Or, if you’re a journalist, fear him a little bit.

The man interviews U.S. President Barack Obama for an hour, in his garage, for his podcast (called WTF with Marc Maron), and it’s maybe the most compelling interview with the president ever recorded. 357 more words

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President Obama to make his first visit to La Crosse on Thursday to talk overtime rules

LA CROSSE — President Barack Obama will be in Wisconsin on Thursday, July 2nd — speaking at UW-La Crosse about the economy. It is believed President Obama will propose changes to rules concerning salaried employees who work overtime. 429 more words

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Try This Recipe, POTUS: Pomegranate Walnut Guacamole

The U.S. Commander in Chief used the power of his office to make clear something we all can agree on: Peas do not belong in guacamole. 251 more words