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Letter from a Black American: Barack Obama’s Lousiana Photo-Op Hides the Real Devastation

H/T Breitbart.com.

Everything Obama does is a photo-op.

The only reason Obama went to Louisiana a red state is Donald Trump embarrassed him into going. 851 more words

in the News - birthers ... again

a debate from 5/2011, that is still relevant

With all the commotion about birthers, birthrights, citizenship  and or any of the combinations out there, the past birther comments from trump and maybe his family made me wonder not only about their beliefs  but what their supporter followers believe and if they even know how narrow minded this man might be. 1,000 more words


5 Tokoh Pemimpin Berkepribadian Introvert

Mungkin beberapa dari kita menyadari apa yang dilakukan introvert ketika diskusi atau berada di dalam kelas, yakni pasif, pendiam, lebih suka berbicara satu lawan satu. Meskipun begitu, sebenarnya introvert dalam diamnya mengamati dengan seksama apa yang ada di sekitarnya, memproses informasi dan menganalisanya, tapi tidak banyak orang yang tahu hal tersebut. 449 more words


A Clarion Call For Action


We must answer Freedoms Call if we fail we are lost.

This feature appears in the August ’16 issue of the NRA official journals. 739 more words

Expect Ammunition Prices to Rise

H/T AllOutDoor.com,

By hook or crook the DemocRats want to disarm you and me.

They would love to be able to go house to house to grab our guns but they know what that would mean all out civil war. 418 more words

What Hillary Has In Mind Is Far More Devious Than Abolishing The Second Amendment

H/T Bearing Arms.

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. 1,498 more words

Famous Rapper Says Guns are the ‘Last Form of Defense Against Tyranny’

H/T Bearing Arms. 

Truer words have never been spoken.

I have disagreement with Ice T’s gangster rap that being said he is correct about firearms and tyranny. 161 more words