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7 Facts On Gun Crime That Show Gun Control Doesn't Work 

I want to hear the anti-gun crowd try to explain how this study is  flawed by using their warped logic.

The Left is incessantly attempting to figure out new ways to take guns from law-abiding American citizens in the name of reducing gun crime. 52 more words

Hillary and her Kaine Are Ready to Walk Across Your Gun Rights

If they get elected they will be the cause of The Second Shot Heard Around The World.

One thing is for sure: gun grabbers love Tim Kaine. 24 more words

The Moment You Are Gone, The World Begins To Forget Who You Were...

Except you were one of the Wright brothers who both invented something so profound; the aeroplane,

except you left an unbeatable record in your field, 380 more words


Larry Elder Answers the Question: Is America Racist? 

Obama and the Black Lives Matters Thugs will never accept these facts.

Back in January, Dennis Prager and Prager University released a short video lesson debunking the commonly held liberal mythology surrounding race relations in America. 13 more words

More than 2,200 people shot in Chicago this year, 21 of them kids 13 and under 

Chiraq were honest citizens are unarmed due to DemocRat policies while the gang banging scum has guns

At least 14 people were shot in Chicago over 10 hours Tuesday afternoon through early Wednesday, pushing the number of gun victims in the city this year to more than 2,200, including at least 21 children 13 and younger. 17 more words

GUN Bill, HR5611, Has NO-FLY LIST Hidden In It

Please help me spread the word about HR 5611 so we can stop it form ever passing.

Source: GUN Bill, HR5611, Has NO-FLY LIST Hidden In It