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HANO officer found fatally shot in squad car

This is from WVUE Fox 8 New Orleans.

I hope the killer or killers are caught real soon.

Barack Obama rhetoric  is responsible for causing the hateful atmosphere that has led to the killings of police officers. 403 more words

Obama’s New Claim About His Support For Israel Will Either Make You Laugh Or Cry

This is from Western Journalism.

Obama’s support for Israel the headline made me laugh the absurdity of his words made me throw up.

Netanyahu sees an existential threat to his nation. 530 more words

Global Swarming

How I long for the good old days.  Do you remember back when it was just so cool to scoff at any and all warnings about new American foreign policies or old potential threats by anybody who actually knew what they were talking about?  426 more words


'HEY, LOOK AT ME!!!' Team Obama's B.B. King tributes strike sour note [video, pic]

Funny you should ask!

As it happens, the White House marked the blues legend’s passing by posting a video featuring a different King — King Obama: 251 more words

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Today's black leaders 'worse than KKK, skinheads combined'

This is from World Net Daily.

The decline of the black family started with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

Then the race baiter twins Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and now Barack Obama are finishing the demise of the black families. 1,483 more words

Supreme Court Rules that Cops DO NOT Need a Warrant to Search Your Home

This is from The Free Thought Project.com.

I guess these words are no longer true.

Which is actually horse shit the Supremes are helping Obama to shred The Constitution. 512 more words

@BarackObama concerned that climate change deniers will gut NASA's exploration, study of planets; Updated


We all know by now that @BarackObama isn’t the president at all but rather his retooled campaign organization, Organizing for Action, and this warning about “climate change deniers” actually comes from an article published in the Huffington Post last week. 330 more words

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