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House Policy Leader Seeks to Block Obama’s School Bathroom Directive

This is from The Daily Signal.

Will the House actually stand up to Obama or will they cut and run again?

The Republican mobilization against the White House’s transgender bathroom directive has started. 369 more words

Clinton Can’t Explain to Small Business Owner Why Obamacare Raised Her Healthcare by $500 a Month

This is from The Washington Free Beacon.

Hillary sounds like Obama spreading the fertilizer about Obamacare. 

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton admitted Monday at a campaign event that she does not know or understand how Obamacare raised a small business owner’s healthcare costs by $500 a month. 579 more words

in the News - birthers ... again

a debate from 5/2011, that is still relevant

With all the commotion about birthers, birthrights, citizenship  and or any of the combinations out there, the past birther comments from trump and maybe his family made me wonder not only about their beliefs  but what their supporter followers believe and if they even know how narrow minded this man might be. 1,000 more words



Hat Tip To Firebird@She’sRight.

It only took 4 million people staying home in 2012 for Obama to win a second term in the White House. 639 more words

I was sued because I don’t want military-grade weapons in my town

This is from The Washington Post.

What is military grade weapons?

One more leftist useful idiot.

I grew up shooting shotguns and rifles with my grandfather in rural Georgia. 429 more words

TechCrunch: NRA Is ‘Right’ About Smart Guns

This is from Constitution.com.

In one of the comments it was pointed out you  have a smart gun then an EMP happens instant paperweight.

Jon Stokes, of TechCrunch, explains why every American should oppose “smart guns” and Obama’s latest push for them. 786 more words

Obama Plan Calls For Computer Chip Technology To Track Guns

This is from The Daily Caller.

How many police officers will die in the line of duty with these so called smart guns?

Why does Obama think people will give up their regular guns for these… 577 more words