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Hat Tip Firebird@SHE’S RIGHT.

Eight years ago, America had THE FINEST military in the world. Our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps… 1,142 more words

Robeson County woman shoots, kills intruder

This is from The FayObserver.com.

A bad guy stopped by a woman who exercised her rights under The Second Amendment.

Note I messed up I sent this up for eight pm on Sunday. 347 more words

Virginia Reverses Course on Concealed Carry Reciprocity

This is from The Washington Free Beacon.   

My personal opinion is Terry “The Punk” McAuliffe was affraid o losing his armed guards.

In an unexpected turn, the Democratic governor of Virginia struck a deal with Republicans to continue recognizing gun carry permits from 25 states despite the state attorney general’s decision late last year to do away with the recognition. 315 more words

Russia's iconic AK-47 to be made in USA

This is from Fox News.

This news has Obama and the DemocRats going nuts.

It’s as Russian as borscht, but the AK-47 will soon be made in Florida. 466 more words

Pro-Gun State Rep Has Whole Room Cheering After Slamming Obama Administration…

This is from the Gateway Pundit.

I applauded Washington state representative Jay Rodne also.

You should tell that to the Obama administration.” quipped Washington state representative… 132 more words

Report: 71 Percent of Gun Charges Dropped In Delaware

This is from The Daily Wire News.

Delaware has a DemocRat Attorney General  that is the reason for the gun cases being dropped.

The current DOJ crowd was appointed by Barack Obama so they will not prosecute gun crimes. 529 more words