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TechCrunch: NRA Is ‘Right’ About Smart Guns

This is from Constitution.com.

In one of the comments it was pointed out you  have a smart gun then an EMP happens instant paperweight.

Jon Stokes, of TechCrunch, explains why every American should oppose “smart guns” and Obama’s latest push for them. 786 more words

Obama Plan Calls For Computer Chip Technology To Track Guns

This is from The Daily Caller.

How many police officers will die in the line of duty with these so called smart guns?

Why does Obama think people will give up their regular guns for these… 577 more words

13 Best Looks from 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner

The 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner took place Saturday, April 30 at the Washington Hilton Hotel. The annual event affectionately known as “nerd prom” is one special night where the media gets star treatment and the President gets payback. 544 more words


Election in 140 Characters - USA 2016

In 12 months, USA has collectively spent more than 1,284 years reading about Donald Trump on social media.

Not to mention the world.

Now, politics was always a dinner table discussion but with social media, the conversation has spread over an everlasting global feast. 539 more words

Brad Pitt to Co-Chair Brady Campaign Gun Control Awards in Los Angeles

This is from Breitbarts Big HollyWood.

Brad Shit  Pitt uses firearms in his movies and has armed bodyguards wants gun control.

Typical HollyWeird hypocrite guns for me but not for thee. 167 more words

Barack Obama

“white disenfranchisement”
in the US of A
they cry.
bigoted filth
just can’t say
that their president
is black
and they want
their white one back… 25 more words