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Newton, Ct. Mortgages were paid off in 2009 & OtherHoaxes

This post was originally about Heather Hayer’s fake mom. But I can see it is going to become the “Crisis actor/How we have all been had/Everything that we know is a lie” blog post. 275 more words

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Should We Be Prepared To Defend Against An October Revolution?

Those who are paying attention know that the MSM is hiding much information from the public.

The Trump hating shills are not telling Americans about the daily acts of random violence committed against white people across America. 674 more words

Exposing Political Corruption

CNN Admits Obama Spied! Why Now?

Something is up…the question is what?

On September 7th, Devin Nunes reappeared on the scene, reminding us that he had presented President Trump with evidence confirming the accusation that the Obama Administration had surveilled Trump Tower. 204 more words

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The Enemy Within.

We have learned that Barack Obama, The DOJ, James Clapper, Samantha Power and many others have colluded to spy on President Trump before and after the 2016 campaign. 545 more words

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Black or White Thinking

Much ado has been made of late regarding red states and blue states, red politicians, and blue politicians. Many theorists would attribute the current social climate in the United States to this phenomenon. 1,237 more words

Devin Nunes Returns to Hold Jeff Sessions Accountable!

Last Spring, who could have imagined that Jeff Sessions was going to have to be strong-armed into doing the honest thing?

For months, the FBI and the DOJ have been blocking a proper investigation on the illegal/electronic spying of President Trump and thousands of Americans.  285 more words

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