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The George Bathwaite Column - Things Are Falling Apart

The current Government is an abject failure. Barbados is hurting and things are falling apart! The preceding simple sentence prompts many questions as to how and why; and triggers assertions extending from individual competence to the heartlessness of the representatives. 1,249 more words


The March to Déjà vu

The Act will require every person who is a ‘person in public life’ when the Act comes into force to make an initial disclosure to the Commission within three (3) months of the date of commencement of the Act.

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Another Heather Cole Column - We Need Solutions to We Big Problems

“Babylon system is a vampire sucking the blood of the suffers.”

Bob Marley

A drought causes cracks in the soil exposing what is beneath the surface of the earth. 991 more words


A Country In Limp Mode

For eight years the country has been gripped in an economic recession – negligible growth notwithstanding in a quarter here and there – although it feels like a lifetime, an unaccustomed position for thousands of Barbadian if we count from the last major economic crisis of the early 90s. 654 more words


Caribbean and Latin American Accidental Leaders in a Race to the Economic and Social Bottom of the Barrel

Submitted by Jerome May

Today two once great nations find themselves in the hands of men who became government leaders by default. Leaders who first occupy their current positions due to unforeseen life circumstances namely the passing away of their bosses. 269 more words


The George Brathwaite Column - Need for Growth Strategy

Fundamental changes to the way we organise production in Barbados, support productive activity, treat domestic and foreign investment, conduct the affairs of our corporations, organise and utilise our labour force and use technology and information will have to be made if we are to succeed in the post-2005 global economy. 1,164 more words


IMF Reports Barbados Economy "Continues Recovery"

The following report was posted by the IMF to its website (29.6.2017). In summary recovery of the economy continues on the back of tourism BUT the fiscal deficit remains a problem AND declining foreign reserves. 959 more words

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