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Dario Holford, again

Hi Naked.  I use to deal with Dario Holford.  At first I thought he was the best thing that ever happened to me because he protects or country as a member of the Barbados defence force and he has a charming smile that captivates you.   450 more words


Dario Holford is a Rapist

Naked, Dario did seem so caring and sincere at the beginning but as you get to know he you does want to get from round him.   409 more words


Week One & Two. One Four Challenge (February).

The One Four Challenge has kicked off for 2016! Though it is the middle of February, this is my Week One (and Two) since I decided to make my challenge post on Sundays (and I am behind the power curve). 691 more words

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Nakeem Greenidge and Ron Peterking

Nakeem Greenidge on the left and Ron Peterking on the right, let’s start with that.  Both of these guys work in the restaurant industry around tourists and both think they are God’s gift to women and Nakeem is also a jockey and Ron who works at a very popular restaurant on the west coast is known for meeting rich men at work and having anal and oral sex unprotected with these men.   418 more words


Marissa Farrell Blackman

There is this girl name Marissa Farrell Blackman who lives in Medford Road, Eden Lodge.  She has 2 girl children going to Eden Lodge Primary.  All she does is pick up married men by the School.   577 more words


Dario Holford of Barbados Defence Force

Naked, he seems to be a nice and loving person, well at the beginning he was eventually he changed.  He has no respect for you, your family or friends.   722 more words


Steve Tennyson Earle

This is a notice to all women out there looking for a companion.  There is a guy by the name of Steve Tennyson Earle who is a sex addict, a good liar, a broke dog and a user. 569 more words