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Going Blind

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Dear Naked Departure, I going blind. Naked, I married to the same man now for 35 years and I take a lot of bad treatment and I did hoping that he would see the love and come home at night and treat me right.   356 more words


To Be Or Not To Be?

Day three of the Challenge.  The last day, and I am thinking what quote will fittingly end the Challenge.  First was “A Friend In Need” then “May The Wind Be At Your Back” so obviously today’s quote must be: “To Be Or Not To Be..”. 412 more words


Rape Victim

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — HE WORKS in the Barbados Port Inc as a reserve.  He is a rapist and he raped me already.  When I went to the police they told me it’s my word against his as I was by his house we were chilling he gave me alcohol and I blanked out awoke with him on top of me and when I pushed him off he pried open my legs and started to lick me telling me he ain’t finished and held me down until he climaxed. 205 more words



BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, why is it that we are being drilled into believing that Barbados is experiencing drought conditions which in truth, a dry patch or field cannot be found and calls are being made for a national de-bushing clean-up of the island? 374 more words


Michael Dalrymple aka Michael Bryan

BARBADOS/CARIBBEAN (Naked Departure) — MICHAEL DALRYMPLE aka Michael Bryan — Good morning Naked Departure.  As far as I am concerned,  this website is to warn people.   199 more words


Environmental due diligence (met in casu) is clearly part of BIT requirements. Allard v Barbados.

Thank you Govert Coppens for alerting me to the PCIA award‘s publication. I had reported earlier on this case in which  the Canadian owner of an eco-tourist facility in Barbados sued the Government of Barbados for an alleged breach of the full protection and security provision (among other provisions) in the Canada- Barbados bilateral investment treaty. 366 more words

Environmental Law - International

The SLAVE Race and a History of Hatred! Video

THE WORLD/SLAVERY (Naked Departure) — VIDEO — THE ARABS had a monopoly on this market, NINE HUNDRED YEARS or longer, before the whites (Europeans) got in on the lucrative game of slavery! 247 more words