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Barbados: Sargassum seaweed no threat to humans

Barbados’ beaches, like many other areas in the Caribbean, seem to be more and more invaded by sargassum seaweed. Although they have determined that the seaweed found on many beaches across the island poses no threat to human health, the National Conservation Commission (NCC) advised against swimming in areas where the seaweed is stagnant and has started to decompose. 313 more words


A Warning to Landlords

A warning to all landlords.  I want to advise landlords of Barbados not to rent a very dishonest young lady by the name of Ramona Grant their house or apartment.   97 more words

On Barbados and “English Trader, Indian Maid”: An Interview With Dr. Frank Felsenstein

By: Isabel Vazquez

Recently, I had the privilege to interview Dr. Felsenstein, author of the Inkle and Yarico reader titled English Trader, Indian Maid (1999). In his anthology, he provides numerous translations and variations of the story of Inkle and Yarico as it developed throughout the late-seventeenth and eighteenth-centuries. 1,885 more words


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Boyceterous Catamaran crew member says Barbados Coast Guard caused capsize by pulling too fast, too hard

In the small hours of Sunday morning, the Boyceterous Catamaran Cruises vessel capsized and sank while under tow by the Barbados Coast Guard. Fortunately none of the 45 to 50 passengers and crew drowned, although we hear that some were injured. 637 more words


Simone Asia's Residency: Week 2 Blog Post

Simone Asia, current artist in Fresh Milk’s 2015 ‘My Time’ Local Residency programme, shares her second blog post. Continuing her exploration of nature, Simone has managed to begin some of her new ideas – despite a few surprises along the way – and in addition to colour, she is also playing with materials and processes during her residency. 477 more words

Fresh Milk

Monday Insights: Need A Hand?

Sometimes it’s tough to accept help from others.

This is especially true if you’re accustomed to being rather independent and doing things for yourself. It can be difficult to allow others to reach out and give assistance when we need it. 337 more words

Jackie Jones


“Hi …never done anything like this before but I love your page and what it stands for.   You could edit this cause composition was never my best subject but females need to be warned about this nasty rat by the name of Kerwin Butcher…   He has two fb accounts so you could check him out ..  257 more words