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Two snipers in a bar

They met, like they always did, in the same bar for more than a dozen years.  A run-down neighborhood lounge on the corner that sold microwave pizza, pretzels, and watery boilermakers.   10 more words



The human business of mindfulness such a curious thing With every breath individual moments of thought and emotion Little pangs that rattle and tap at my conscience heart Enter and exit with kindne…

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Angels in the Moonlight – Caimh McDonnell

I’ve got a real treat for you today because Caimh McDonnell is visiting to entertain us all with his guest post. I first hosted Caimh when he published his first novel, A Man With One of Thos… 10 more words


Throw It On & Go

Somedays you just don’t feel like going through the whole effort of putting the perfect outfit together with the perfect accessories and matching fabrics, in which case, the simple and best t… 7 more words


Autumn Coming: Time For Pumpkin Flavored Everything

We recently had the first crisp evening that hinted at the changes to come, that feeling in the air that native Westsylvanians recognize as “a Football Night.” In the verges, the annual… 9 more words


Friday Fatigue!

Two weeks almost done… And the kids aren’t even in full time yet! Switching from Nursery hat to Reception hat is surprisingly tough, you know! Even though these two years are in the Ear…

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