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Tomorrow Never Dies's 20th: Jigsaw puzzle

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Tomorrow Never Dies, a jigsaw puzzle of a production.

Just when the pieces seemed to be coming together one way, they had to be disassembled and put together another. 411 more words

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Long-term issues confronting the 007 franchise

Here are some long-term issues confronting the James Bond film franchise that extend beyond purchased helicopters or even the next 007 film (whenever it comes out). 328 more words

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Eon starts filming another non-007 movie

Eon Productions is involved in another non-007 film, Variety reported.

The film is titled Nancy and is a “psychological drama” starring Andrea Riseborough, according to the entertainment website. 137 more words

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Our parody Bond 25 plot summaries

With no real news about Bond 25 to report, the blog is collecting various parody storylines it has posted on its social media outlets.

If Sam Mendes changes his mind (again) and comes back to direct a third Bond film. 186 more words

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Why nobody should be surprised that 'nothing is happening'

Naomie Harris caused some buzz in 007-land this week after giving an interview with Total Film that got summarized in the UK tabloid Mirror. 478 more words

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About that Christopher Nolan directing 007 film thing

There’s been another breakout of “Christopher Nolan directing James Bond fever.”

The subject comes up every so often. It’s well known the London-born Nolan likes James Bond movies… 415 more words

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Sony says it won't sell movie business

Sony Corp.’s chief executive officer said Friday that the Japanese electronics company is not selling its movie and entertainment business, according to a report in The New York Times… 233 more words