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Saving my life: Morning Prayers edition.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at Morning Prayers, the brief service held every weekday at Harvard’s Memorial Church, across the Square from where I work. 333 more words



Sleep. Prayer. Exercise. Reading a good book; working on a craft project, a hobby, a labor of love.


I don’t rest. I don’t feel like I do enough in a week to “deserve” it, and so instead I shoehorn in an episode of something here, twenty guilty minutes of reading there. 502 more words


Falling in Love with Jesus

This blog contains more than 550 posts. The post below first appeared in April, 2013.  I am sharing it again because it transformation is the first concern of apprentices of Jesus and of their churches. 787 more words

Living As Apprentices

Lectionary Sermon for 9 October 2016 on Luke 17: 11-19 (Year C)

On Relating to the Tenth Leper
When it comes to healing, healing is not quite the same as being made whole again. Most of us have probably had a whole range of accidents and illnesses by the time we reach adulthood if not certainly by the time we reach old age. 1,734 more words

Progressive Sermons

From Wreck to Restoration: We Commit Sin

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Jeremiah 2:4-13.

A congregant once said to me, “Pastor, I’ve never heard a preacher talk about sin as much as you do!” 608 more words

On what grounds did I fast from the daily bread of birdsong and starlight?

Sixty-hour weeks were normal, hovering closer to eighty during the holidays. Since my job involved visiting parishioners in hospitals and nursing homes on top of a heavy administrative load, the to-do list was never done. 341 more words