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The Heart in the Darkness

I’ve been angry since my sister died last September. And sad, of course. Confused. Broken open in new places (as if I needed more breaking…see, there’s that anger). 753 more words


A Seasonal Lesson: The Absence of Words

If it weren’t for the changing of seasons, we wouldn’t know when to start and when to stop.

And if it weren’t for the presence of words, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the absence of them. 252 more words


A Lesson in Reverence: balcony perspective

Barbara Brown Taylor says that we practice reverence to remember that we are not gods, to remember that we are small, and that we belong to each other. 306 more words


In Which We Talk About 'Longing'

One year ago I wrote a piece called “An Unappeased Yearning to Return.” The piece was based on the roots of the word ‘nostalgia.’

The responses were beautiful – thoughtful, poignant, true. 1,193 more words

Third Culture Kid

The Bright Light of Day {Can I Stand the Heat?}

During Holy Week I heard a lot about being in the dark. From speakers, priests, books I’m reading. Dark, dark, dark.

Barbara Brown Taylor spoke about how she thinks some folks spend too much time focused on “full solar spirituality,” neglecting entirely the darker side. 279 more words


Easter Sunday: It Starts In The Dark

I didn’t feel like hearing anything this weekend.

Especially my own voice. It wasn’t for lack of trying…to do the podcast. I’ve written down some thoughts that I’ll likely vocalize after Easter but I spiraled down into a bit of darkness these last fast days and decided to stay there. 670 more words


Palm Sunday: Awakenings and Hosannas

Listening to the Pray-As-You-Go podcast this Palm Sunday morning in the midst of demands for strawberries and Cheerios, Wild Kratts, and fights over the trains, I picked up the words of St. 1,010 more words