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Afraid of Being Afraid

In Richard Beck’s book, The Slavery of Death, he makes a case from Scripture, theology, and psychology that in our broken, post-Fall experience, much of our human endeavor is driven by the fear of death. 711 more words

good christian? bad christian? why read scripture?

“ryan, i feel like a bad christian when…” two university students used that phrase with me within the same week last spring. both confessing christians in berkeley, each confessed to me that their actions make them feel less than christian, somehow. 2,769 more words

Frederick Buechner

Light and Shadow

“Salmon Berry Blossom on Black Water” Lynn Schooler

The impetus for this post was the beauty of our solar eclipse with its dramatic changes of light. 248 more words


The Gate of Heaven is Everywhere! Episode 13

The Invisible Web of Divinity[1]

Last night we celebrated my 60th birthday in a James Taylor concert. I found myself mesmerized by the experience of singing treasured songs along with thousands of people. 789 more words

Contemplative Wisdom

Reflection 8.4.17

If I had to name my disability, I would call it an unwillingness to fallĀ … This reluctance signals the mistrust of the central truth of the Christian gospel: life springs from death, not only at the last but also in the many little deaths along the way. 51 more words


Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I created a video of images, both old and current of First Nations people and played it before I started to preach.

Some of those are pretty powerful images given what we know about our history with First Nations people. 966 more words


Reflection 7.21.17

Stop for one whole day every week, and you will remember what it means to be created in the image of God, who rested on the seventh day not from weariness but from complete freedom. 37 more words