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American Life in Poetry: Column 55



When we’re feeling sorry for ourselves it can help to make a list of things for which we’re grateful. Here is a fine poem of gratitude by… 233 more words

Ted Kooser

Praying with Fringes 11/06/2015 - They turn to gold for a brief while, then lose it all each November

Sometimes, I Am Startled Out of Myself,
Barbara Crooker

like this morning, when the wild geese came squawking,
flapping their rusty hinges, and something about their trek… 154 more words

Definition 355 Atmosphere


by Barbara Crooker

Another October. The maples have done their slick trick
of turning yellow almost overnight; summer’s hazy skies
are cobalt blue. My friend has come in from the West, 219 more words


"And Now it's October" by Barbara Crooker

the golden hour of the clock of the year. Everything that can run
to fruit has already done so: round apples, oval plums, bottom-heavy
pears, black walnuts and hickory nuts annealed in their shells, 113 more words


Morning Trip (197)

“What can l say, now that summer’s gone, with the weight of its heat,
its thick blanket of humidity, the cacophony of zinnias, marigolds, salvia? 68 more words


Farmers' Market

Another beautiful Colorado day! This morning’s sun was so bright that it fried my retinas. And later, taking my coffee on the patio, the sun ironed my black, denim Levis, and I felt the fabric fusing to my skin. 615 more words

" Westcliffe CO

Praying with Fringes 10/07/2015 - the grass glitters greenly, freshened by last week’s rain

Leaf Light
Barbara Crooker

Leaf by leaf, the trees let down their gold;
everything returns to dirt: stem,
bark, twig. The corn stalks have dried… 77 more words