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With Gratitude

If I had been born well before the date I emerged, embodying the same physical configuration that felled my maternal grandfather at age 45, I would probably have not have lived this long, with the expectation of many more joyful, appreciative years ahead. 489 more words


BOOK REVIEW: "The Mayan Code" by Barbara Hand Clow

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Barbara Hand Clow Alchemy of Nine Dimensions


In 1995, Barbara Hand Clow published the Pleiadian Agenda, about her contacts with a stunning presence from the beyond. Now she’s back with Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, which reveals how to communicate with higher presences, and explains the mystery of crop circles and the changes coming in 2012. 187 more words

Manifesting Tool for Spring

The Eclipse energy this Spring is really amplifying this time period for new beginnings. The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) takes place on March 8, 2016 and the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on March 23, 2016, but you can already feel the energy moving in. 734 more words

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