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Quickie Quote: Painting by Attitude

It’s a birrizzy rainy day here in Williamsburg. Dreariness abounds as cold winds whip sleety rain (and dreariness) around. It’s the kind of day that makes hiding out under warm blankets an inviting endeavor: maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, so let’s fast-forward the bleakness of today? 100 more words


Chapter 4. Staying Alive. What Helps (continued).


Unloading your grief.

As much as you have to feed the white dog, sometimes you do need to allow yourself to let it all out and bleed a little (or much). 438 more words

A Monster of Their Own Creation

A dramatization of some actual, some probable and some made-up-for-kicks-but-could-be-true-events that comprise one of the most horrifying human rights abuses of all time: Lyme disease. 780 more words

Lyme Disease

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand."

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”

Barbara Johnson, author, writer


...(end of) summer flu blues...

End of summer holiday weekend? Everyone’s out and about having a grand time. Everyone except Virginia, that is.

Such fun plans, niece in town from NYC, family birthday parties to attend to. 314 more words


Lying Lyme Liars

I’m supposed to write about how the Lyme crooks knew that OspA could never have been a vaccine before they in fact called it a vaccine. 1,492 more words

Lyme Disease