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Counting Your Blessings

Philippians 4:8

This devotional has a quote written by Barbara Johnson.

Day Ten:

The bible is our instruction manual of how to live, and yesterday… 404 more words

Daily Devotion


“Pour être dans les souvenirs de vos enfants demain, vous devez être dans leur vie aujourd’hui.” (Barbara Johnson)
“Si tu ne sais pas que tu ne peux pas, tu peux. 69 more words

Collection Of Other Things

The 13 Minneapolis City Council Members

The City Council is one part of the two-part – strong council, weak mayor – governing body of Minneapolis. There are 13 council members who are elected by the city’s voters every four years and by ranked-choice voting (each council member is elected by their respective ward’s citizenry). 596 more words

Urban Dynamics

The Rosettes - Moving Up (1952)

Released in April of 1952, as part of Atlantic Records Gospel Series. Unfortunately, that only lasted for nine releases before being discontinued due to lack of sales. 27 more words


A Quick Political View of Minneapolis

Minneapolis politics espouses very progressive and left leaning policy applications. And if one takes the time to reference the historical documents on who founded St. Anthony and Minneapolis originally – that is, how the two towns emerged as Minneapolis – then the current state of politics in Minneapolis will not be that surprising. 688 more words

Urban Dynamics