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Tempted By Death: Why Suicide Cannot Be an Option! Exclusive Excerpt

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Shocked by Divine communication, Barbara shares what resulted in an immediate reversal of suicide plan.

The plan that culminated in my own humiliating decision to end my life by “natural” means was shattered when I received direct shocking Divine communication letting me know exactly what would happen after the fact, and most importantly, gave me the information I am guided to share with you, to help you transform the illusion of death’s temptation in order to spare you from afterlife torture.

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Barbara Rose PhD

Personal Transformation 10 Week Private Intensive Global via Phone

It is TIME for YOUR Light to shine so brightly that you never before dreamed it was possible. You will receive the Highest private guidance to uproot what has been keeping you down, and every answer you need to finally experience major inner shifts that create JOY about who YOU ARE within. 1,110 more words

Barbara Rose PhD

Divine Guidance Private Phone Consultation

When you need deeply personal answers in a Divine Guidance Private Consultation global via phone, Barbara Rose, PhD is world renowned for bringing through answers from God/Source/Higher Self to clients globally that changed their lives. 717 more words

Barbara Rose PhD

Watch/Listen to this Most Inspiring Speech. Wishing You the Best 2018!

Here is true inspiration for you that is timeless. So inspiring it inspired me! Watch with subtitles or listen below. Wishing you the best 2018!

Barbara Rose PhD

Cyber Bullying from a Raging Alcoholic Has to Stop

A raging alcoholic soon to be Ex husband has been on a cyberbullying binge for the past ten months. On Feb 23, 2017 with the help from law enforcement, medical staff and a dear friend, I was able to escape from a living hell with a raging alcoholic husband who threatened to kill me too many times in California. 179 more words

Barbara Rose PhD