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Watch/Listen to this Most Inspiring Speech. Wishing You the Best 2018!

Here is true inspiration for you that is timeless. So inspiring it inspired me! Watch with subtitles or listen below. Wishing you the best 2018!

Barbara Rose PhD

Cyber Bullying from a Raging Alcoholic Has to Stop

A raging alcoholic soon to be Ex husband has been on a cyberbullying binge for the past ten months. On Feb 23, 2017 with the help from law enforcement, medical staff and a dear friend, I was able to escape from a living hell with a raging alcoholic husband who threatened to kill me too many times in California. 179 more words

Barbara Rose PhD

Someone's Miracle

By Barbara Rose, PhD

Did you know that even the smallest act of kindness can actually change or save someone’s life? It’s true. I’ve experienced it both on the giving end and the receiving end. 141 more words

Barbara Rose PhD

Barbara Rose, PhD Opens Her Audio Vault with Free Podcasts for You

It’s an exciting time, that actually started at the time of the total solar eclipse, where Barbara decided to open her extensive Audio Vault of Free Podcasts you can listen to on any device at… 127 more words

Barbara Rose PhD