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The Crimson Cult (1968)

aka Curse of the Crimson Altar.

At long last this must have flick has turned up on the home video market after laying dormant for far too long. 747 more words

Daily Take


Ah 1968, the year that keeps turning up all over these film reviews. The year quite a lot happened actually. The year yours truly first showed up on earth, somewhere in the western part of the United Kingdom at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon… 639 more words


Unkind Cuts

Daniel Riccuito, main author of The Beauty of Terror, with Jennifer Matsui and myself, is incandescent with rage about changes Fangoria magazine made to the piece without consulting us. 2,097 more words


Hurry While Shocks Last

I’m in Fangoria!

Daniel Riccuito, Jennifer Matsui and I have authored a Barbara Steele encomium/mash note, featuring original interviews with the First Lady of Fright herself. 217 more words


shivers me timbers

//- early Cronenberg that hasn’t aged particularly well

Nightmare Castle Comes to Blu-ray!

As horror fans, we all know that Barbara Steele made a few gothic horror flicks in her day. Some of the plots might even sound a bit similar….I mean, how many films can you make about ghosts coming back from the dead for revenge? 334 more words

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Nightmare Castle (1965)

‘Only ten minutes ago that man was the picture of health, and now he is ready for the worms.’

A Baron who is a brilliant research scientist is working on something to do with frogs, when he finds his wife going all Lady Chatterley with the gardener. 556 more words

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