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La Maschera Del Demonio (1960) - Directed by Mario Bava

Few directors of any era have had more of an impact than Mario Bava. Devoted follows of horror and suspense have long known his films, but the last 10 years have seen a renaissance of interest in Bava from all corners of the film world. 675 more words


Black Sunday (1960) - Film Review

“La mia vendetta ricadrà su di te e sulla tua stirpe, sì, perchè sarà nel sangue dei tuoi figli e dei figli dei tuoi figli che io vivrò la mia vita immortale!” 728 more words


The Long Hair of Death

The Long Hair of Death – 1964 – Italy

The Long Hair of Death is set in 16th century Italy. In its dramatic opening scene, a woman named Adele is accused of committing murder by witchcraft. 399 more words

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Barbara Steele, born 1937

Barbara Steele: British actress born 1937 ~ Britain’s first lady of horror will go down in movie history for Mask of Satan (1960) in which she is killed by having a metal mask with sharpened spikes squashed into her face. The Guardian.


Double Feature #35 - Black Sunday and The Whip and the Body

This week I’m covering an Italian horror director named Mario Bava. Bava isn’t all-time great director, but he has a serious cult following. His films were shocking for the time, pushing the standards of what could be shown on film, but fairly tame by today’s standards. 2,991 more words

Double Feature

Baron Blood (1972)

As if plucked from a table full of discarded Vincent Price scripts, Joseph Cotton continued his journey into the world of horror and fantasy in the this delicious thriller by way of genre favorite Mario Bava. 671 more words

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31 Days of Halloween 10/4: Black Sunday (1960)

Mario Bava is a name synonymous with Italian horror much like Argento, Fulci and Lenzi. The Italian horror sub-genre is known for its aesthetically pleasing cinematography juxtaposed with heavy gore. 202 more words