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The Things That Touch Us...

Some people have long ago lost sight of the things that touch them. This film and its plot, was in some ways to play out in my life, if not verbatim then close enough. 326 more words


Have You Ever Done This?

I Sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. As bloggers, I think we all do this every time we write a post. We send our words, our thoughts out over the roofs of the world. 109 more words

How to communicate with your toddler (or "The Diaper Incident")

It’s always an exciting time when your precious toddler moves from the pre-verbal stage to the almost-verbal stage. You know, when they’re just talking up a storm but in a dialect and a language that you don’t quite understand because it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the entire universe. 344 more words


Legal Murals: The Story of the F Block

There’s a new building coming up in the GNLU ‘s pseudo-symmetrical family of blocks. Barbaric Yawp tries to find out what the hell it’s all about. 624 more words


What is a Barbaric Yawp?

Back in high school, I had an young teacher whose class I looked forward to on a daily basis. His teaching style, passion for the material, and mannerisms mirrored those of John Keating, the teacher portrayed by the late Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society.” I was lucky enough to have had this teacher in various classes throughout my high school years, but the class that most stood out to me was his American Literature class. 548 more words


You have to crawl before you can raid and pillage

For only being 9-months-old, my son has a lot of interests. I mean, a LOT of interests. All day long, he’s just interested in everything. 651 more words


Vulnerability and Gratitude: a Tribute to Robin Williams

I don’t normally write much about pop culture in this blog, but I am feeling that I must say something now. There is a lot of information and opinion going around about Robin Williams’ death yesterday. 580 more words

The Meaning Of Life...