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Smitten by Spain…of tapas and new shoes on the esplanade

“Your cortada, señora,” the waiter says, placing the tiny coffee before me. Soaking up the atmosphere in a small Spanish plaza, it strikes me how lovely it is to be called señora. 1,904 more words


Thomas Jefferson & Radical Islam’s War on the West

Frontpage, May 20, 2015 by David L. Hunter:

Those that assume that radical Islam is a modern phenomenon that became prominent during Bill Clinton’s tenure as president in the 1990s merely scratch the historical surface of America’s complicated political entanglement with the Middle East’s supposed “religion of peace.”  In truth, the tentacles of radical Islam go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. 960 more words

Counter Jihad Report

X is for xebec

Xebec, according to some is a small ship like a galley used by Barbary pirates and Algerian corsairs. Love the imagination that fires. Meaningful “X” words are few and far between when it comes relevant paddle making words. 30 more words

America's First Terrorist Entanglement

Too many headlines these days – in fact, just one is too many – trumpet the deeds of ISIS around the globe. We are assaulted visually, with their graphic videos. 1,351 more words


Former NATO Intel Officer Blames US for Ukraine Crisis / Sputnik International

A bit more of our ‘real’ history surfaces . . . ~J


The current crisis in Ukraine stems from as far back as 1986, when the United States saw an opportunity to model itself as the new single world superpower at the close of the Cold War and saw friendly Russian overtures to Western Europe as a threat. 405 more words


The Barbary Pirates

While working on the previous post, I ran across this article from P2T2 Solutions that explains a bit further on the situation with the Barbary Pirates of old, and the similarities of what is happening today.

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National Security Concerns

Fighting Jacobean pirates: Sir Henry Mainwaring's treatise

One of the charms of being a historian is tracking down and reading primary sources. I’ve been meaning for some time to track down Sir Henry Mainwaring’s advice on how to wage war against pirates. 1,703 more words