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BBQ Ribs in the Instant Pot

There’s nothing like yummy bbq ribs. Watch my video to see step by step instructions on how I cooked ribs in the instant pot. The ribs were so tender and delicious. 86 more words

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

I’ve always felt a bit intimidated when it comes to smoking meats.  I think it comes from living in Kansas City, known as the barbecue capital of the world.  1,526 more words


Rolling On Hodgepodge

1. Can you believe we’re rolling in to the Labor Day weekend? What’s a project you’ll labor over this fall?

Our fall projects will include continuing sorting through and getting rid of stuff we really don’t need. 729 more words


Best Barbecue Ribs Ever – Food Network BBQ Ribs Recipe

Best Barbecue Ribs Ever

The 4th of July is tomorrow! As Americans, we celebrate this historical day in remembrance of our Independence. The 4th of July is the day our original thirteen colonies declared our Independence from England. 264 more words

Smoked BBQ Ribs

Two years ago we bought an electric smoker on Father’s Day from Academy. At the time, I really wondered how much we would actually use it but it did seem like something that would be fun to have. 1,075 more words


Potato, Po-taw-ta, Tomato, Tom-aw-ta

There are, arguably, many ways to do or say anything; Point A to point B has many paths, and cooking basics are no exception.  Take for instance, “classic” potato salad.   1,262 more words

The Kitchen

BBq Tempeh Ribs

I found a great deal on this somewhat unusual grain based slab of vegetable protein. Kroger had it marked down to $1.12. I figured if I was going to try something like that, it was going to be with it on markdown! 327 more words