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Grilled chicken in pesto sandwich: The chicken mince was fine but the characteristic flavour of pesto sauce was missing here. 151 more words

Roast Chicken With Maple Syrup and Mustard

When I made this recently, I regretfully left all of the chicken on the dinner table without saving some for myself. My three boys and a friend ate the lot, so it must be good!

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Chicken Inasal Recipe

Inasal Brief History

Inasal an Ilonggo term meaning “chargrilled” or “roasted meat” that was originated in the City of Bacolod, Philippines. Unlike the usual barbecue or grilled chicken that uses soy sauce, this dish uses different ingredients for its marinade and basting sauce that create a unique flavor. 139 more words


Easy BBQ Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce

Forget about bottled ketchup and BBQ sauce. It can be made easily at home and  it’s healthier too. Most bottled of ketchup consist of large amounts of sugar and corn syrup,  sometimes include MSG. 271 more words

Gourmet Artisan Pizzas

I haven’t posted about my obsession with creating some amazing Artisan Pizzas lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been experimenting. Check out this bevy of yummy delights I have created over the last few months: