From beef to brochette...

As a professed meat lover (which most Malagasy people are) it doesn’t get much better than this! Beef brochette, packed with flavour that always leaves my mouth drooling. 18 more words

Meat Dishes

Smoke - Plano

Ordered: house salad, bbq ribs, fries appetizer, peanut butter pie

Comments: The appetizer was good, if you’re into intense flavors. Basically a layer of fries with cheese sauce and brisket on top. 116 more words


Pernah Pergi Tandom Hills Resort?

Hi! Siapa pernah Tadom Hills Resort? Atau pernah dengar, tapi tak sure kat mana, atau tak pernah dengar LANGSUNG!!! hehehe..

Meh sini I nak rekomen kepada uolls, kalau sesiapa yang duduk area Lembah Klang, tapi nak buat short getaway (pergiambik – huhuhu ye ke?), bolehlah datang ke sini… Dekat je, kalau dari KLIA tu, hanya 13 minit (lebih kurang 12km je)… Haaa dekat kan? 175 more words


Wagons Ho!

While I don’t necessarily intend to give you a play-by-play commentary on my life in this blog, I did feel that I should probably counter my last 3am emotional outburst with something a bit more positive, just to reassure my readers that I am not going off the deep end. 378 more words

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