Day 132 7.4.15

Made an unholy amount of eggs for breakfast. I think it was at least a dozen. But doesn’t matter. Because Freeby and I ate pretty much all of them. 572 more words

Appalachian Trail

Happy Hawg, Hiawassee, Georgia, August 10, 2017

How does one write a review of a restaurant that one has never actually been to?  Well, it can be done and, of course, there is a story behind it.  526 more words


RECIPE REVIEW: Weber's Korean Beef Barbeque "Kalbi"

I give a lot of credit to WEBER’S WAY TO GRILL for providing the public with a very famous Korean BBQ recipe: Kalbi. It actually comes with quite a few other recipes but this particular one caught my eye. 788 more words


Tong Yang - Shabu Shabu & Barbecue Restaurant

Our family loves to eat in Tong Yang Shabu Shabu and Smokeless Barbeque Restaurant. I estimated that we eat here around 10-15 times a year even though we are from Cavite and we have to travel an hour just to eat here. 748 more words

Food And Drinks

Vegan Summertime BBQ Noms!

Summer time is upon us so naturally this means it’s beach, barbeque, cook-out season, etc! Usually, this means some sort of hearty sandwich is being prepped for lunch with some savory sides to indulge into after a long morning of with your pals! 540 more words


Lemon & Herb Chicken Marinade Recipe


  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Garlic
  • Coriander
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Purple Shiso (Optional for colour)

Making a marinade is a very simple, but worthwhile step to take when preparing drumsticks. 220 more words