Looking for some great BBQ?

Wood Ranch is conveniently located in the hub of Mission Valley in Hazard Center. No need to stress about parking here because they have a very large and accommodating, not to mention free, parking lot. 470 more words

Parmesan Glazed Asparagus and Butternut Squash Salad with Blue Cheese

I like seasonal veg, mainly because seasonal veg is a little bit cheaper than out of season veg. It also tastes so much better, because obviously, it’s at it’s peak season. 484 more words


Deep in the Heart of Texas

One Night Only

Pictures are worth thousands of words…but here is a brief recap of my trip to Texas City and Austin (apart from the pictures). 618 more words



I am offering you three versions now of the origin:

Here is The First Version:

First of all, the word barbeque is misused. When you cook steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers (and whatever else you want) on the grill, well hello…..guess what? 932 more words


Aussie Day

On Friday I had an Aussie day. I was invited to a barbeque on Bondi Beach. Then we went to watch New South Wales lose at rugby. 52 more words


Downtown Bryan's All The King's Men: BBQ, Bourbon, Beer

Barbeque, bourbon, and beer will be the house specialties at the new All The King’s Men, under construction in Downtown Bryan next door to the Proudest Monkey.

Restaurant News

The Barbeque

Bob Findlay was a retired State Registered Nurse of 22 years. For one off those years he worked nigh-shift at an Aged Care facility in a different city. 492 more words