Quick and simple summer dinner

Being out of town, we had the opportunity to have a classic Swedish summer dinner (=grilled meat). Also, this was our first dinner we were able to eat outside this year! 130 more words


Pit Barbeque...

Three Barbeques, Two Fish Fries, One Pancake Breakfast, an All Night Diner, a wedding and a funeral- all in one day. No time to come home and change either…if this was a fashion blog I could tell you what to wear,black sleeveless sheath, a bag of accessories, several pairs of shoes, make up, a damp rag and deodorant.  999 more words

Alabama Lifestyle

BBQ Chicken Zucchini Boats

I am always looking for quick, healthy recipes that I can make in small quantities that use food from my garden and leftovers.  Today, I whipped up a quick meal with fresh zucchini and barbecue pulled chicken from my freezer. 352 more words


JULY MONTHLY DESIGN: The Best Post BBQ dessert!

Since July is all about the BBQ’s and summer rolling round! So this is something after you’ve had your summer barbeque! This something I have been brought up doing since i was very little. 162 more words



Most bottomless brunches in London come with commitment. Commitment to a 3 course meal, commitment to one type of drink, commitment that I just don’t have time for. 532 more words


BBQ Chicken-Grilled Veggie Stack with Southwestern Rice Salad

While the old deck disappears and the new one is added, our summer dinner spot is gone.  This seems to be a theme in our lives lately. 1,380 more words


A Triple Evening: BBQ, Brews, and Blues

Last night was a special evening which brought together three favorites in one venue: food, beer and music. I attended “BBQ, Brews and Blues” at Florida State’s University Center Club. 324 more words