Very Exciting Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I am very excited and happy because I believe that I have mastered making pulled pork! These were great. Pulled pork can be very disappointing.  Hot BBQ sauce and boiled meat is not exciting. 118 more words


Barbeque Mustard Chicken

So Smoky… So Hot :) As perfect as it can be for a delicious starter… Gulp it down with Vodka ;)

**Tips: Aam Kasundi is added to give the food a local flavour, but the blend was really nice. 155 more words

4 Dishes You Should Try

During my stay in South Korea, I discovered various restaurants down winding back roads in Gwangju and Busan. Some were familiar like Starbucks and Burger King, and then there were some I couldn’t even pronounce—the ones I yearned to try. 365 more words


Yee-haw, Nashville - Here I Come!

I’m heading to Nashville soon for our friends’ wedding (get this – I’m MC’ing!). It’s my first time to the city and I’m psyched to spend a long, fall weekend in the south. 116 more words

Zooming Into The St. Louis BBQ Festival

These pictures were taken from the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.  By changing the scale of the captured picture, one is able to zoom into the BBQ festival that was going on and even see the stage on which they were having performances.We did, of course, stop by the festival to sample the food.


Scooter Tech/Barbeque Day

For those following my blog who may be near by next weekend October 21st. please stop by for a barbeque and tech day.

I am organizing this day on behalf of the Ottawa Scooter Club and expect a dozen or so. 85 more words


long time, no see

It’s not just that I have been a little lazy the last month – I have actually been having some  problems with my health (nothing too serious) and because of that, I haven’t been paying to much attention to the blog. 125 more words