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The Looney (Tunes) World of Marriage of Figaro

Opera, like Shakespeare, often suffers from its own importance. Romeo and Juliet consists mostly of sex jokes, but you’d rarely notice from watching most live productions, which are too often the wrong kind of stiff. 1,039 more words


Frustrating Barber

You can understand, in this climate, why Opera North thought that a revival of its 1986 Barber of Seville would be a good idea.  It’s a popular opera and they presumably hoped that a strong cast – a nice mixture of youth and experience – would somehow overcome the sort of production which is miles away from where they are artistically at the moment.  799 more words

Performances I've Seen

The Barber of Seville ~ Coliseum ~ 19.10.15

An incredibly late decision by me to venture into the world of comic opera paid off, with a fabulous last-minute offer on some great seats proving too tempting to resist, and a wonderful evening followed at the Coliseum. 367 more words


Opera Lyra's Styles "Barber of Seville" to Speak to a Younger Crowd

Opera Lyra’s season opener might not win over opera traditionalists with their new production of The Barber of Seville. Rossini’s famed Spanish comedy has been removed entirely from its 18th century context and placed within a 1940s Seville film studio, which sometimes works in the libretto’s favour but other times it feels like an odd fit. 1,069 more words


Rabbit of Seville

Director: Chuck Jones
Release Date: December 16, 1950
Stars: Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd
Rating: ★★★★★ ♕

‘Rabbit of Seville’ is the second of three superb Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny cartoons on opera, bridging ‘ 247 more words

Warner Bros. Films

Figaro or: The Human Music Machine


Have you ever heard a piece of music and then spend hours upon hours trying to figure out what it is? Usually, it’s easier if it’s a piece of pop music – any genre – because you can generally produce at least a line of lyric to put into the Googlematic Search Engine and get about 23 choices from a single line. 672 more words

Life As We Know It

The Barber Of Seville (Rossini), Columbia UK, Stereo

Callas! Gobbi! Rossini! EMI Stereo! Now that’s what I call opera.

This is the way to start a music blog – ‘Barber’ is one of the greatest works of music, in turns thrilling, joyful, tender and funny. 350 more words

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