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Last night Mythankfulboy got to participate in an hour of 1:1 baseball coaching, one of four, as a holiday gift from his Grandaddy.  It is so nice to watch your kid be 100% in the moment and learning something.   441 more words


I’m nearly 39 but I still have most of my hair left. I’m on an inexorable journey however towards having just an island on top, but at least I have the receding type of male pattern baldness rather than the ‘Friar Tuck’ patch at the back. 604 more words


1st Blog on Barbering

I’ve been a barber since 2007.  I’ve been cutting hair since 2004.  I’ve always enjoyed the salon lifestyle.  When I was young, I’d go with my mom when she’d get her hair done at my Aunt Toni’s salon in PA.   631 more words


Worst Haircuts

… and each lasted a looong time

By Jeff Salter

We’re blogging about bad hair this week. Easy topic for me because I’ve had plenty of rotten haircuts… especially as a kid when my Mom trimmed us with cheap clippers. 1,063 more words

Top 10 Advantages of Clipper Cuts

There were years where “bed head and cowlicks” was my hairstyle even though that wasn’t the look I was going for …and long before it was fashionable. 926 more words

Misc Blogs

Day 9

Topbox Level Unlocked

Our day started with round layers as usual, but we soon veered into a skin fade demo (those things are crazy complex, no wonder they cost more!), beard trim demo (with what little beard our fellow student Lawrence can grow*), and learning about various men’s grooming products and how to best select one for each client’s hair type. 178 more words

Barber School

Klips by Kate


So my friend, Sean, was talking about getting his haircut but he didn’t really want to pay to go to a salon. I’ve always wanted to cut… 201 more words