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Interstitial 82: Oops

The tiny berries are no longer on the barberry bush. I touched them and they broke off the stem onto my finger. Oops!

Interstitial 82: Oops by aldabwoods on tookapic


Interstitial 46: Bare Barberry

I enjoyed watching the bare barberry (sounds like a name for a distillery) branches light up in reddish brown tones when the sunlight shone through the trees. 34 more words


Sawdust In My Eyes

Pruning time again. This year I have a Master Pruning Plan. In the front garden: magnolia, barberry, cotoneaster, photinia, snowberry, Oregon grape. Those last two are the most challenging, being ferocious suckerers. 313 more words


Interstitial 28: Barberries

I have included these tiny berries in my daily shoot twice before today. I first took notice of them – the only remaining berries – nineteen days ago when they were encased in ice. 30 more words


Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium var. repens

Botanical Name: Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium var. repens

Phonetic: bur-bur-iss ack-wih-FOE-lee-um var. repenz

Common Name(s): Creeping Oregon Grape/Creeping Barberry


Family: Berberidaceae
Origin: Canada, North-West
Plant Type:  87 more words


Yaaay! Look at those Dead Bushes!

by Barbara Walvoord

Barberry is a dangerous invasive. It can take over a woods, as this web photo shows, forming an impenetrable barrier that fails to support wildlife, but does increase the tick population. 192 more words