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Summer Days

Well, summer has arrived. I mostly missed spring this year, more or less couped up and healing my messed up ankle. In the last couple weeks I’ve been getting out into the garden, and yesterday I did my first bit of garden work. 358 more words


Barbs or Blossoms?

Meet the beautiful barberry bush, popular with landscapers for its striking reddish leaves and year-round hardiness. This bush grows near a corner of our house, but I admit that it has not been near and dear to my heart! 393 more words


Bees and Barberries: A Match Made in (Bee) Heaven!

We have a Barberry in our back garden which seems to be incredibly good for bees! I have recorded 9 bee species on it so far: Buff-tailed Bumblebee; White-tailed Bumblebee; Garden Bumblebee; Common Carder Bee; Tree Bumblebee; Early Bumblebee; Honey Bee; Yellow-legged Mining Bee and, my favourite, a Tawny Mining Bee just yesterday! 101 more words

The Natural World

Desire Under the Oaks

One of the more frequent questions I get in my capacity as local plant nerd is what can I plant underneath my oak trees.

Planting under oaks is tricky for a number of reasons.   608 more words

Native Plants

Where Do Camels Belong?

by Barbara Walvoord

Where Do Camels Belong? a 2014 book by Ken Thompson, tries to correct the oversimplifications of the movement to control invasive plants. At Lathrop, we are not guilty of the oversimplifications he discusses. 437 more words


Barberry and Chocolate flapjack.

This weeks blog recipe is here by popular demand.  I made these flapjacks for our one day foraging courses last weekend, (photos below), using the tart barberries to cut through the intense sweetness of a classic flapjack.   384 more words


Wild Plants to Cure the Flu and Common Cold

Can’t make it to the drug store right now? Whatever the reason, you do have some natural medicinal options in the winter season. Look for these three plants to lessen the symptoms and shorten the duration of your next case of the cold or flu. 635 more words

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