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Interstitial 46: Bare Barberry

I enjoyed watching the bare barberry (sounds like a name for a distillery) branches light up in reddish brown tones when the sunlight shone through the trees. 34 more words


Sawdust In My Eyes

Pruning time again. This year I have a Master Pruning Plan. In the front garden: magnolia, barberry, cotoneaster, photinia, snowberry, Oregon grape. Those last two are the most challenging, being ferocious suckerers. 313 more words


Interstitial 28: Barberries

I have included these tiny berries in my daily shoot twice before today. I first took notice of them – the only remaining berries – nineteen days ago when they were encased in ice. 30 more words


Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium var. repens

Botanical Name: Berberis (Mahonia) aquifolium var. repens

Phonetic: bur-bur-iss ack-wih-FOE-lee-um var. repenz

Common Name(s): Creeping Oregon Grape/Creeping Barberry


Family: Berberidaceae
Origin: Canada, North-West
Plant Type:  87 more words


Yaaay! Look at those Dead Bushes!

by Barbara Walvoord

Barberry is a dangerous invasive. It can take over a woods, as this web photo shows, forming an impenetrable barrier that fails to support wildlife, but does increase the tick population. 192 more words


"Soul Cakes" for an Old-Fashioned All Hallows Eve

“A soule cake, a soule cake, Have mercy on all Christen soules for a soule-cake.”  John Aubrey, 17th century

I’ve been researching old world recipes in search of Halloween food inspiration, and these sweet little barmbrack “ 907 more words


Weekly Homestead Report 10: Oct 17, 2016

As we try to keep our anxiety about the upcoming election at bay, it is good to be able to walk in the woods and notice flowers. 296 more words

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