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#Movember (the 20th)

The safety razor was only part of the threat that spelt an end to the male world. Rudolph Valentino’s brilliantined hair in The Shiek (1921) widely imitated as part of a general trend towards an uncluttered aesthetic, proved a great social leveller: ‘We flatten our hair on purpose to make it sleek and silky and to show the shape of our skulls,’ said Cecil Beaton (quoted in Cox, 1999: 49). 254 more words

#Movember (the 19th)

The barbershop’s resistance owed mainly to its heritage as a male bastion. The red and white stripes on the traditional barbers’ pole promoted the twin practices of blood-letting and hair trimming, an arrangement that began in the Middle Ages but which later inspired romantic connections between the mannered gentleman and the warrior of yore, even when ‘men grew out of love with scars’  187 more words

#Movember (the 18th)

In 1901, Gillette had invented a modified T-shaped safety razor, which opened at the top and allowed shavers access to the double-edged disposable blade inside. Yet the company only managed to sell 51 razors by 1903, which shot up to 90,000 the following year following reassurances to consumers. 280 more words

The Dreaded Toddler Haircut!

Getting Tyler’s hair cut is a nightmare. I used to cut it myself, but it always looked patchy. Tyler’s daddy started taking him to his local barbers from around 18 months. 480 more words


Self Employed Hairdressers/Barbers Required

Top Cutz Hairdressers and Barbers at Montrose Court has vacancies if anyone is interested. Contact details on flyer.

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Slashing Throats for 170 Years: The “Real” Sweeney Todd

To most people, Sweeney Todd needs no introduction, thanks in part to Tim Burton’s 2007 adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, starring Johnny Depp as the throat-slashing barber of Fleet Street. 980 more words