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Let's talk about dropping kids off at the Barbershop/Hair Salon

Long story short… DON’T

Here’s the deal, barbers and stylist have work to do and it does not involve watching other people’s children. If something happens to your kids while they are in the shop/salon the first thing you do is get mad at the people who work there, when in actuality it wouldn’t have happened had you been watching them. 60 more words

Unique barbershop recycles hair, builds community from the chair up in Detroit

Original post can be found Here

Story by Theodora Bishop, photos by The Social Club Grooming Company.

Four years ago, Sebastian started working on his dream: opening The Social Club Grooming Company, an environmentally friendly grooming salon in Detroit. 403 more words

Hair cuts and Mop chops

Dear Blog,

Today was my bi-annual hair cut. I know how gross that sounds. “You only get your hair cut twice a year?! It must look awful!” Yes and no. 693 more words

Blogs Upon Blogs

Super Cux

The Alt Right infiltration of the grooming industry is a real thing, people. Resist.

“What are we doing today, sir?”
“Give me the Hitler mullet… 12 more words

Made Me Laugh

Nesbit Hair

I remember clearly, the discomfort l had as a youngster when in the seat, the dreaded barbers seat, the trip to the barber was met with utter disdain. 869 more words


Hair To The Empire

Ugh! Enough with the sloppy puns already.

I love it when even the smallest details are given the attention they truly deserve. So it often hurts me that the barber’s cape at the salon I frequented didn’t have mirrored lettering on it. 772 more words