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Its that time of year again where we spend half of our time trying to figure out what we are going to gift our loved ones for christmas. 448 more words


A crop shop

The interior of barber shop: On the left a man stands before a mirror, face contorted as he wipes his jaw, unaware of the boy behind him pointing and laughing at him as he holds the man’s pigtail in his hand.

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Prints & Drawings

So, who is The Pissed Off Barber and why should we care?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
12 November 2018

Let’s be clear, I have no bloody clue who is behind the Nicholas Cage Eagle-haired persona, but if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about then you should really check out his… 759 more words


So, you're going grey?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
06 November 2018

Silver fox, salt and pepper, wisdom highlights, glitter, you’ve probably heard them all… whether you’re an early bloomer and getting those greys in your 20s or later on in life! 504 more words


So, what facial hair should I have for my face shape?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
19 October 2018

Before we do anything, you have to work out your face shape! So follow the flow chart and find out. 356 more words


So, what's the best haircut for my face shape?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
12 October 2018

You might be bored of your haircut, fancy a change or just curious, either way this page is for you! 503 more words

Hair Care

So, what's it like being a female barber?

Written by Ev Luna-Rose
07 October 2018

This should be a stupid question because being a barber should be the same for both men and women, but it just isn’t. 591 more words