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Big 2 Day Sale

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Check out some of the designs on my ZAZZLE shop.  GREAT offer.  Do your Christmas shopping early….get an Anne Miranda original half price!   51 more words


I sing on the ACTUAL STAGE and nothing bad happens

At two-thirty, I was already bopping around the kitchen. The White Rosettes don’t perform in public that often, and this was a rare chance to show off: my first sing-out. 637 more words


Happy Barbershop Music Appreciation Day!

That instantly recognizable close harmony, those dulcet ringing chords – barbershop quartet music is a centerpiece of American Music, and today we honor this genre with Barbershop Music Appreciation Day. 457 more words


I learn some songs

The Retreat has been and gone, but life is in no way back to normal. The juggernaut of Convention is rumbling towards us, and rehearsals are a whirlwind of dress-fitting, shoe-swapping, lipstick-testing and furtive questioning about whether we really need MAC primer, or will the stuff from B&Q do? 679 more words


I was doing a capella before it was cool

I loved the first Pitch Perfect movie, and I’m looking forward to Pitch Perfect 2. A capella music is so popular these days and it makes my heart sing! 385 more words

April 11, 1938: Give Me an Alto or Give Me Death

Call it destiny. Two men stranded in Kansas City when a storm closed the airport met in a hotel lobby, engaged in conversation, and – go figure – discovered they each had profound worries about the future of the barbershop quartet. 267 more words

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