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AA Dolls (continuation)

Among the AA dolls I have, my favorite is Kiyoni Brown because of her dark chocolate skintone, I just didn’t like the bent body.  The one I have is from the Bike Date series created by Mattel in 2003.  211 more words

Thrift Store Dolls

maiden mary

Mary dollion

once there was a girl her name was, Mary, she lives with her mum,dad,younger sister (4y) and younger brother (7y).her parents were very rich and spoilt her younger siblings  but she was treated like a maid she had to cook dinner,lunch,afternoon tea, morning tea and breakfast as well as supper .her bedroom was the kitchen and she had no bed nor blanket at night she lay curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor watching the embers from the old oven dye down……. 178 more words

Barbie Dolls

Ten Nerdy Celebrity Collections

Some celebrities are huge nerds as we proved with the Celebrities that are Nerds article. But there are even more celebrities that collect weird things. Barbie Dolls, Police Badges, and Taxidermy, so check out below and see who collects what! 645 more words


Best Dressed Barbies

I have the best dressed Barbie dolls in the tri-state region and then some. That’s because their vintage couture was hand knit with love by my mother. 358 more words



Olivia and Jane Lanido


Jane was first bought by a girl named Sarah. Sarah was 5 years old at the time and had chosen Jane and bought Jane all by herself but Jane was quite opposite for she wasn’t independent and always relied on her friends for help. 350 more words

Barbie Dolls

lost in myself

lily gamli

“what do i do?” i ask thin air I’m so muddled i don’t even know who to ask ,puzzled wouldn’t be the right way to put it neither lonely.i feel disconnected as if a wall is blocking each door i try to pass through ,as if I’m in a mirror maze that never ends .i feel like a camera lens  compared to the human eye.lost in myself i don’t know that my favourite positions have faded to invisible and all I’m staring at is a black wall.music is ringing in my ears but it feels like a weight pushing further into the splits ,i close my eyes and i see the clouds and everything below it drift further and further away from me.i walk outside into the rain talking to myself “your the best you can be” all i can choke out is a painful, hurt, dry cough the rain is pelting down on me yet hardly speckling everywhere else.sadness creeps over me like a shadow the strike of lightning feels like it has hit me.i let myself fall to the ground staring at the star spotted sky,i let it pour a blanket of complete nightmare over me i roll over so i can see the ground meters below me i, watch as it fades to a dream.

Barbie Dolls

something different

meg lollin and lola rie


“i think were  little different”said lola”i mean no one else doesn’t like ice-cream,has 2 dogs the same breed as their best friend and no one  practically lives at their best friends house” “we are allowed to be different are we not?”replied meg “we are allowed to but i feel as if its wrong”answered lola “well whatever you go ahead and do,remember  everyone is different even you and me”finished meg and walked away. 263 more words

Barbie Dolls