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Who's Who in #Shakespeare's #RomeoandJuliet: Cast of #Dolling Characters

I took this photo today. It shows who’s who in my up-coming stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet:

I’d like to re-post each doll’s costume, with links to the patterns in the posts. 60 more words

2 Enchanting 2B True -- Doll Pics

Creep Factor: Quadrillion

When I was a kid I HATED Barbie dolls, I hated what they were, what they stood for and what they represented… to me.

I only ever played with Barbie dolls because I was a girl and I knew that I was expected to but I limited the horrible chore to just when my two girl cousins were around. 309 more words

Surviving Child Abuse

Peihang Huang

Taiwanese artist/ painter Peihang Huang uses barbies as her main stimuli in her paintings entitled Fleshy Fairytale/Floral Funeral (2009).

Peihang painted these close-up portraits of barbie dolls in an array of different coloured oils. 462 more words


Liliana Rochelle Shepherd (Doll)

Okay guys please forgive me for my unnecessary absence, I will make sure it doesn’t happen again, but I have made some nice things to share with you guys as well as a story I will be posting after the editing and things so I will be more active to this site. 62 more words


Is Mindy Kaling the new age 30 something Barbie doll?

I was introduced to the show “The Mindy Project”, which is a show about 30 something (She hasn’t really revealed her exact age at least in the episodes I have watched thus far) second generation American with an Indian origin, who is an OBGYN with private practice in Manhattan. 599 more words

American Sitcom

M is for the many things

Bunnybury, our favorite local holiday display yard, has passed over Cinco de Mayo and gone straight to Mother’s Day.

Maybe I should stop calling it Bunnybury. 209 more words


Lakritz: Sexism already surrounds Princess Charlotte

I’m not much for keeping up with news of the royals. But the breathless reporting on the birth of the new princess was not only gagworthy, it was rather depressing as well. 661 more words

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