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Barbie is unveiling a new doll in honor of 20- year old U.S. Olympian gymnast Gabby Douglas, and she comes outfitted in a beautiful USA leotard! 38 more words


Thoughts On (2)

The continuing thoughts…

Oh just because Barbie is one of my favorites doesn’t mean she’s saved from my scrutiny.  I hated the 2009 (?) Barbie.  And I didn’t like how they’ve changed Barbs eyes, I kinda liked the wide eyed look of the early 80’s.  88 more words


Naked Barbies and sleeping babies

I’m not a man’s man in the traditional sense.

I don’t capture or kill my food, I’ve never been quick to temper and I enjoy the creative arts. 633 more words

Mirror, Mirror


We’ve all know that our “kilay” is one of the important parts in our face that’s why women put so much effort to fix it and it could take longer than we ought to. 1,045 more words


Heathcliff and Barbie Dolls

Writing is an emotional minefield and even at this late stage of my manuscript I am thinking, considering and weighing up my choices, so that I am better able to deal with the repercussions of what I do.  1,124 more words

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Let's All Go To McDonald's

Dear God,

For some reason, it seems that the chosen one for helping with 4th grade homework fell upon my head (like a concrete block). I do realize God that being the Nana, or THE Nana, has its benefits and rewards, but it also has its dangers. 695 more words


Barbie Dream House

We are proud to present you, her newest coolest Barbie Dreamhouse which stands proudly at a 4 feet height, weighs more than 20kg but cost half the price as compared to buying from Toys “r” us imported from US Amazon. 139 more words