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Blac Chyna Dolls?

Sooo, Blac Chyna has figurines/dolls, but why?! Blac Chyna has decided she is going directly after her bag and I can’t hate her for that but is this the best option for her brand? 94 more words


My dolls are not gay. Ken is stiff. Midge is naked on the ledge of my dad’s sink. My mom told me not to have Tara Lynn go for Becky. 44 more words


Get the best Quality Barbie Doll Sets for Girls

Barbie Dolls were introduced to the world in the late 1950s at the toy fair as fashion model toys for teenage girls. The craze for Barbie dolls has hyped to a great extent that young girls want most of their room featuring the picture of the Barbie doll which led to the introduction of Barbie games, CDs, books, coloring posters, etc. 200 more words


These are a few of my favorite things......

Star Trek and


Nail Polish

Barbie Dolls

Most Real Housewives of …… Series

Murder Shows

Crafting (in a total mediocre way, of course)

Cooking (again in a total mediocre way)

Mediocre Blogs

Festival of Finds from Tag Sales

Last week I wrote about how hard it was for me to find items to resell at tag sales and this week most of my finds are from tag sales. 438 more words

Tumblr Humor 2,344

For your amusement this weekend, various artifacts from Tumblr:

*Recently Barbie introduced some new ,more inclusive looking, dolls to their roster. You just know Black Twitter wasn’t gonna let that go, for a second! 510 more words



I have always wanted a Barbie with sleep eyes.  The one I saw was Miss Barbie from 1964, complete with wig wardrobe!  I wish I could chance one in a thrift store.  264 more words

Thrift Store Dolls