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Feedback Feeds New Ebay Sellers

Many people do not realize that new sellers or people who sell on rare occasions do not get their money for quite a while, around twenty days if you do not leave them feedback. 835 more words


Ebay Is Barbies Pimp

I began selling on eBay to thin out my Barbie stash. I have too much of what I don’t need or want. Not all of this excess is trash, on the contrary, I have beautiful things that another Barbie fan would appreciate. 1,439 more words



It’s almost Black Friday. I don’t even enjoy shopping on a regular day, so I won’t be going out to brave the crowds. But I did want to write a post of appreciation for a few of the best toys in my house. 365 more words

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Autumn Colours

It was a fresh and sunny day at Emo Court, Autumn is here. We had a walk around the grounds bathed in golden sunlight, I loved the palette of colours all around: gold, brown, red, yellow, copper, bronze, and all highlighted by the glorious autumnal sun. 113 more words


New realistic barbie dolls!

I would like to write about a post I noticed on telegraph some time ago.  As it said, it seems that producers of barbie dolls, and other toy manufacturers, are eventually convinced of the need to make barbie dolls that are not confined into the slim, fake stereotypical beauty body (too thin legs, thin waistline, perfect boob size, pale skin e.c.t)! 491 more words

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Montreal's Barbie Expo

The largest permanent exhibition of barbie dolls in the world?!

Have you ever heard of the Barbie Expo?

I’ve actually heard about it when it first opened on February, but I never took the time to go and check it out. 339 more words

Barbie Dolls


Barbie is unveiling a new doll in honor of 20- year old U.S. Olympian gymnast Gabby Douglas, and she comes outfitted in a beautiful USA leotard! 38 more words