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Meteor Garden I [Drama]: Dated, but a solid adapatation

After watching the Korean Boys Over Flowers, I decided to check out the Taiwanese adaptation of the same source material, Meteor Garden I (2001). This series is a lot longer, with 27 episodes, and actually has a second season that Boys Over Flowers lacks. 891 more words


Meteor Garden

In a place where social standing is everything, can love really exist between the rich and the poor?

Meteor Garden is a 27 episode 2001 school romance Taiwanese drama based on a Japanese manga titled “Hana Yori Dango” by Yoko Kamio. 1,527 more words


[NEWS] F4 Vic Chou is Married to Taiwanese Actress, Reen Yu

Happy belated Singles Day! Singles Day is celebrated on 11/11 every year in China because the amount of ‘1’s in 11/11 is like an amass of singles. 611 more words

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Update: Weibo Round-up (August 8, 2015)

Another Weibo round-up because why not? :D I tried to include the celebrities that I didn’t include during my last round-up while I couldn’t help but repeat some just because they’re so active in this wonderful microblogging site ;) 871 more words

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Mars - Taiwanese Drama

Genre: romance, melodrama, suspense, action

Year: 2004

Number of Episodes: 21

Rating: 10 from 10

Where to watch: Dramago, Viki

Description: Han Qi Luo (Barbie Hsu),an extremely shy art student went to the same college as Chen Ling (Vic Zhou),a popular play boy. 196 more words


Barbie Hsu's mother-in-law Zhang Lan is no longer the owner of South Beauty restaurant

Businesswoman Zhang Lan just received the boot from the restaurant company she herself had founded 15 years ago ago. In the latest updated information site of South Beauty restaurant, it no longer listed the name of Zhang Lan as their chairwoman nor even as one of their board members. 625 more words

The Talk: What was your gateway drama?

Thank you to everyone who gave us such a positive response to, “The Talk.” Y’all are awesome! This time around, we want to discuss that one gateway drama we all have that kick-started our drama addiction. 385 more words