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Barbie Hsu's mother-in-law Zhang Lan is no longer the owner of South Beauty restaurant

Businesswoman Zhang Lan just received the boot from the restaurant company she herself had founded 15 years ago ago. In the latest updated information site of South Beauty restaurant, it no longer listed the name of Zhang Lan as their chairwoman nor even as one of their board members. 625 more words

The Talk: What was your gateway drama?

Thank you to everyone who gave us such a positive response to, “The Talk.” Y’all are awesome! This time around, we want to discuss that one gateway drama we all have that kick-started our drama addiction. 385 more words


Meteor Garden OST

Well, this is definitely a classic!

I mean who would forget about these four handsome, god-like, kings of high school and that one headstrong girl who repeatedly crossed them and challenges them. 272 more words


Barbie Hsu fails to impress with her post pregnancy television comeback

Barbie Hsu recently made her first television comeback after giving birth more than a year ago when she filled in for her sister Dee Hsu as one half of the hosts of Kangsi Coming. 797 more words

Is Barbie Hsu a victim of domestic violence?

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiao Fei celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary last week, although not everything is all roses for the high profile couple. The Wang family fortune was placed in jeopardy shortly after a Hongkong High Court ordered the freezing of all the properties of Zhang Lan, including Grand Lan Holdings Group and South Beauty Development, following a petition filed by CVC Capital Partners, a London-based private equity group and also the major stockholders of South Beauty chain of restaurants. 1,373 more words

Dee Hsu sings sexily, ASOS reunion

Queen Dee Hsu (Xiao S) held a concert under her alter ego Elephant Dee recently. Her husband brought along their three daughters to show support. From the openning of the concert, Dee Hsu already showed her crude humor; a foreign male model came to deliver a bottle of wine, while Dee deliberately asked the audience, “Well, where do I suck?” 97 more words


San Chai loves Zayn Malik of 1D too.

SanChai a lead female character on Meteor Garden (Taiwanese Drama) that performed by barbie.hsu loves zayn too.Barbie tell on his instagram post that “Fangirling life knows no age…. ;)”