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Nail Clippers, Pages 27 & 28 For Real

Color me embarrassed. In my eagerness to work on Nail Clippers I skipped…let’s leave it at a lot of pages. Thankfully, I caught the mistake. So here is the real pages and the other post will get amended at the right time. 372 more words


Nail Clippers, Pages 25 & 26

Remember how I said, way back when I started this, that I felt the whole story went off the rails and then I gave up? Sure you do, if you don’t it’s in writing. 836 more words


Nail Clippers, Pages 15 & 16


Standing on his front porch Jenkins watched red-faced EMS personnel load Devin and Chaz into the back of the ambulance. As soon as the EMS personnel had entered the kitchen both of them started to laugh and tried contained their laughter. 866 more words


Nail Clippers, Pages 11 & 12



“You can’t. I know you can’t,” Chaz said, voice cracking each time he said can’t.

“I will bet you twenty dollars I can,” 337 more words


Nail Clippers, Pages 7 & 8


Barbossa explored the tornado shelter while Jenkins stood in the center mentally making plans. Turning in place, he envisioned each wall, moving his hands, simulating where each piece of equipment and storage would go and how he would use them. 713 more words


New Year. New Changes

This January I re-looked at my life and made my plans for the next few months. They’re pretty exciting, including the screenwriting  masterclass I’m taking  with Aaron Sorkin. 230 more words



Great finish to an Xmas gift-card (thanks Mom  & Dad)! Spin-It had a 25% off sale (didn’t know when I went in). Picked up these 3 for $9 8 more words