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Barbossa Cosplay Updates . . . . .ARGHHHHHH

Hi universe and Facebook Folks,

Well I have gotten farther the front and back of the coat is all attached. I have not put the sleeves on yet I am waiting on a friend to give me some guidance on it before I go to stitch them in. 78 more words


Iraklis Psachnon 1-3 AEK

I only managed to watch the game from the 30 minute mark on, though from what I saw it seemed like the win never really was in doubt. 355 more words


Barbossa Cosplay Update

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well we are 1/2 way thru March so the time remaining to finish Barbossa is starting to be less and less  now. 55 more words


Welcome To Bloodline

Barbossa – Bloodline

If you could replay this

Where would you stop to untie your hands?

And if you could unsay it

How could I ever understand?

Barbossa Update . . .the buttons rock my sock

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Well I have done alot of work in the last week on my costume. The coat is looking really great! 38 more words


Cosplay Sat. . . . . .Barbossa coming along

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Argh me mateies work is going well on Barbossa. Well I have ventured into making the signature Coat the Captain Wears and let me tell you it sure isnt simple. 148 more words


COSPLAY Updates Barbossa vest and Sash

Hi Universe and Facebook Folks,

Here is an update on my continuing work on Barbossa go to My Cosplay Page to see more pics