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2.6- A Love Day Feast

Another Moonwisp update!

Last time, Clyde asked for a divorce because of Bellatrix’s flirt, so let’s pick up right there.

Smooth recovery fixes it pretty quick. 1,143 more words

2.5- Oh, Where has Love Gone?

Welcome back simmers! You know what? Let’s get to business.

Last time, Bellatrix aged into an adult and started a midlife crisis, made it to L7 of her Acrobat career. 1,328 more words

2.4- Typical Legacy Style

Another update, yes! Last time, babies aged, and Bellatrix became a bit more awesome at her job, thanks to people dying at her show.

So we start this update with… 1,429 more words

Materiality: Prop

Direction is found within each of the three mystory categories. In the family story I was given a direction by the robot:

As we entered the second area, there was a robot showing us the tube with a little yellow alien inside.

73 more words

A newsletter, if you will.

So I write stuff, see. Of late it has been my best hope for these last dark months. It is a simple practice.

But I’m having a thought here, Barbossa. 102 more words

Pirates Scene III Pt. II

Ms. Turner’s face is afraid, she jumps back against the ship to try to run from Barbossa but she can’t. Barbossa then walks completely into the moonlight towards Ms. 64 more words


Pirates Scene III Pt. I

Ms. Turner is frightened by the skeletons she sees on the ship. As she runs away from them she bumps into Captain Barbossa. Barbossa tells her of the curse and how the moonlight shows the pirates for what they really are. 48 more words