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2.6- A Love Day Feast

Another Moonwisp update!

Last time, Clyde asked for a divorce because of Bellatrix’s flirt, so let’s pick up right there.

Smooth recovery fixes it pretty quick. 1,143 more words

2.5- Oh, Where has Love Gone?

Welcome back simmers! You know what? Let’s get to business.

Last time, Bellatrix aged into an adult and started a midlife crisis, made it to L7 of her Acrobat career. 1,328 more words

2.4- Typical Legacy Style

Another update, yes! Last time, babies aged, and Bellatrix became a bit more awesome at her job, thanks to people dying at her show.

So we start this update with… 1,429 more words

A newsletter, if you will.

So I write stuff, see. Of late it has been my best hope for these last dark months. It is a simple practice.

But I’m having a thought here, Barbossa. 102 more words

The (16) seeds join the roster!

And this is it, the last of the reveals! That means we now have a total of 64 revealed characters and you can now see who everyone will be facing in Round 1 in the bracket above. 105 more words