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The Tracks of Mein Tears

During Operation Barbossa, the codename for Nazi Germany’s invasion of The Soviet Union, one of the main hindrances to the invading force was the larger gauge of train track used by the Ruskies.   317 more words

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2.6- A Love Day Feast

Another Moonwisp update!

Last time, Clyde asked for a divorce because of Bellatrix’s flirt, so let’s pick up right there.

Smooth recovery fixes it pretty quick. 1,143 more words

2.5- Oh, Where has Love Gone?

Welcome back simmers! You know what? Let’s get to business.

Last time, Bellatrix aged into an adult and started a midlife crisis, made it to L7 of her Acrobat career. 1,328 more words

2.4- Typical Legacy Style

Another update, yes! Last time, babies aged, and Bellatrix became a bit more awesome at her job, thanks to people dying at her show.

So we start this update with… 1,429 more words