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Fiano, Vine of the Bees — Another Virginia First from Barboursville Vineyards

A few weeks ago I reported on a cool new chapter in Virginia’s wine story with the release of the state’s first commercially available pét-nat.  Today I report on another ‘cool new chapter’ — Virginia’s first wine made from the Fiano grape, the soon to be released, 2015… 340 more words

Yurt Living

Recently, my mom and Ron came down to Virginia. They were renting a yurt at BlueGreen Vacations in Gordonsville – right outside Charlottesville. For those who don’t know what a yurt is, it is a round tent. 422 more words


10 Virginia Wineries I Hope to Visit in 2016

There are so many wineries in the state I hope to visit this year between my personal adventures and the book club. Here are my top 10 I hope to visit at the moment (in no particular order): 431 more words

Barboursville's 2010 Paxxito

Sweet and very tasty. If you like dessert wines, this is a great one: Barboursville’s Paxxito 2010.


Sharing Virginia Wine on the Road - Pre-WBC15 Dinner in Corning, NY,

In 2011 longtime Virginia residents Jean and Steve Case — better known for their role in helping usher in the Internet age via AOL and for philanthropic endeavors — became part of the Virginia wine family with their purchase of the former Sweely Estate in Madison, VA, about 25 miles northeast of Charlottesville. 1,493 more words

Virginia is For (Wine) Lovers: Part 1

Sorry, low hanging fruit there in the title. I gripe all the time about how expensive Virginia wines are compared to other regions, and how the Cab Francs are always too green, and bla bla bla, but last week, I decided to stop being such a Negative Nancy and go visit some anyway – and I couldn’t be more glad that I did. 271 more words

Virginia Wine Country