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Grilled Stuffed Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast

So I had these chicken breasts laying around and some other random stuff, and it was a blizzard all weekend, so I decided to do some grilling. 247 more words


Peppers / Onions / Asparagus Steak Rolls W/ a Balsamic Rosemary Vinaigrette Glaze

First Off, these were awesome! I saw the idea on the Interwebs and wanted to run with it! Everything about this really came together well! Very Easy to make. 377 more words


Jameson Whiskey Drunken St Patricks Day Irish Burgers

I came across this as I was searching the Internet for Ideas on adding booze to food! In the search, I came across the idea of soaking the patties in Whiskey. 329 more words


Rockin Stout Beer Steak and Beef Sauce

This is awesome! It smells good cooking, has a rich deep color, adds a great Stout beer Steak Sauce flavor to any Beef Dish your making. 208 more words


First blog as a vacationing mom #thefamilyreuniontradition

The Malones take Kansas City

Family reunion…. oh how I love this time! I remember those summers growing up, heading out of town for the family reunion. 375 more words